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Phil Collen Says 2016 World Tour Likely To Be Expanded

Friday, 27th November 2015

Phil Collen 2014.
Phil Collen Auburn 2014

Def Leppard members Phil Collen and Joe Elliott were interviewed for the All Access radio special and mentioned the 2016 world tour.

The 50 minute radio special is being broadcast on US radio over the next few days and already has been in some states.

They talked about making new music, how the album was started, Let's Go/Invincible, no songs sounding alike on the album, the song titles being used already by other artists, Man Enough, not caring what people thought about the album, Vivian's health issues during recording and how it influenced the band, Joe recovering from his recent health issues, the Hysteria On The High Seas cruise, the 2016 winter and Summer tours and the possibility of shows elsewhere around the world and how they want the new album to be judged.

During the interview Phil mentioned that the 2016 might yet be expanded beyond North America.

There are currently 13 shows announced for 2016 in the USA in addition to the ones played during the cruise.

Visit the 2015 Tour News section. For more news on future tour plans.

All Access - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

2016 Touring

"Typically what happens. They fill in the blanks you know. So many people go why didn't you come to Chile. Why didn't you do this. Why didn't you come to Italy. And it's like well, we weren't invited. You know we have to be invited by a promoter. They have to think that there's a good reason for us to come down. And we'll play anywhere, if we can you know. If someone likes us."

"So I think that's really it. And I think we got this big gap before we start the American - we finish the US tour in the winter. And then we got a gap before the summer tour kicks off again. And I have a sneaking suspicion that - and especially looking at all these numbers and these chart positions around the world. That we're gonna be asked to play in a lot of different places. So that those - you know those months are gonna be gobbled up pretty sharpish I think. So I think that's why they've been left there. It's great and it's a great position to be in and it's been a while since this happened."

"You know the last few shows you know we sold out 20 shows on this last tour and you know it's - that hasn't happened for years. You know like going completely clean on a Monday night after labour Day. 20,000 people in Salt Lake City and stuff like that. It's like wow this is great. Where are all these people... - you know what's this all about?. So you know there's something - the planets are lining up for this album. And I think that part of it's the integrity that we've had over the years, as a band that is."

New Album

"And also the fact that we approached this record in a way that really benefited it and it allowed us to take all of the experience we've had over all those years. All the stuff we learnt from Mutt. All the songwriting. All the production. The other stuff. You know me doing Delta Deep. Joe doing his Down 'n' Outz thing and just coming out and being very non compromising. Again you know I know it's called Def Leppard. But Joe said can we make a pact and not put bonus tracks. You know they ask can we have three bonus tracks for this country? and can this company use it for that?. And we said no. There's 14 tracks. There's no bonus tracks. You love it or you leave it and it's been really refreshing you know on every level. Just being kind of non compromising but not being an asshole about it, because we believe in it. And I think that's a really great place to be."