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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Trapper Join The Def Leppard Tour In Montreal, QC - Photos/Video

Sunday, 3rd May 2015

Trapper 2015.
Trapper 2015

Emm Gryner's band Trapper began their three show opening slot with Def Leppard last night in Montreal, QC and photos/video are available.

The show took place at Bell Centre.

The band and fans took many photos/video clips which can be viewed below.

Emm tweeted many photos herself in the run up to the show including shots from the soundcheck.

Their opening set featured many new songs including the single 'Grand Bender', one Emm Gryner original and some covers. View 'Your Love' (uploaded by Suzi) below which is a cover of a song by The Outfield that shows off their heavy 80s rock influence.

Guitarist Sean Kelly was recently interviewed about the tour and revealed that like Emm has was a childhood fan of Def Leppard. Also revealing a connection to Joe Elliott in working with the band Helix (who first recorded the song 'She's Too Tough' in 1987).

Another interview with Emm is available where she explains the band were initially asked to play more than three shows. The band are named after an old Ontario based Ice Hockey team called the North Bay Trappers.

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The Music Express - Sean Kelly Interview Quotes

Trapper History

"We just connected together, she toured with David Bowie (sang back-up vocals and played keyboards), has her own solo career and tours with own roots group; Trent-Severn and I am working with major 80's Canadian talent like Helix, Honeymoon Suite and Lee Aaron so there is a great synergy there. "She reached out to me on Twitter; she wanted to know who this guy was who played guitar for both Nelly Furtado and Helix."

Touring With Def Leppard

"This is a dream gig for me, Def Leppard was my Led Zeppelin growing up, to me they are the ultimate rock band" concluded Kelly. "And to think, I get to go on stage with my heroes and perform, it feels like being 16 again."

South Western Ontario - Emm Gryner Interview Quotes

"Still, performing on the same stage as the band "is a big dream for us because we're all huge fans of the band."

May 2 (Montreal), 4 (Ottawa) and 5 (London) were the only dates that Trapper could commit to. Def Leppard wanted them to do more of the Canadian tour dates, but both Gryner and Kelly have kids and other musical commitments, so they couldn't sign on for more than the three early May engagements."