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32 Years Ago Pyromania Album Hits Number 18 In UK Chart

Thursday, 12th March 2015

Pyromania 1983.

Def Leppard's classic Pyromania album reached number 18 on the UK Top 100 chart 32 years ago on this day in 1983.

The band's third studio album was released on 18th February 1983 and entered the chart on this day at its peak position of 18.

It would only spend five weeks on the chart in its initial run. Falling to 31 in the second week.

Following the re-release of the 'Photograph' single in February 1984 it re-entered at Number 87 before falling out again after 2 weeks.

It's 8th and final week in the chart was in mid September 1987 when it re-entered for one week at Number 100. This was based on the success of the the newly released 'Hysteria' album.

Def Leppard 1983.
Def Leppard 1983

Joe Elliott - 'Pyromania' Postcards from 'Work It Out' Single 1996

"Goodbye Pete Willis, hello Phil Collen."

"We decided to try and do something that no other rock band had tried before - blueprint "Sgt. Pepper" (but a bit heavier)."

"A period of time when we allowed our Pop sensibility to come to the fore...and guess what? Our first major success...huge in the U.S....but nowhere else."