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Def Leppard To Release New Album DEF LEPPARD In Late 2015

Friday, 27th March 2015

Def Leppard 2015.
UK/Ireland Tour 2015

Def Leppard have revealed their new studio album will be called DEF LEPPARD and released in late 2015.

The title was revealed on the poster for the new UK tour with Whitesnake and Black Star Riders announced earlier this morning.

The tour poster shown below contains the line - "Def Leppard's highly anticipated new self-titled studio album coming late 2015".

The 10 date UK/Ireland Tour will visit, Dublin, Belfast, Newcastle, Glasgow, Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, Cardiff, London and end in Sheffield on 19th December.

Joe had said on 25th March during a radio interview that the album still had no title.

The album is currently being mixed by Ronan McHugh at Joe's Garage studio in Dublin with the band also still adding last minute finishing touches.

This is actually the second time the band have decided to use DEF LEPPARD as an album title. They originally planned to release 'Euphoria' as a self titled album in 1999 - announcing this to the press in 1998.

The title may reflect the new found enthusiasm displayed over the past year as they recorded new songs in Dublin. All band members including Rick Allen contributed songs as explained in the quotes below by Phil from June 2014.

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2015 UK/Ireland Tour Poster


Def Leppard/Whitesnake 2015 - UK/Ireland Tour Dates

Q101.7 Radio - Joe Elliott 25th March 2015 Interview Quotes

2015 Studio Album Name

"I'd have to kill you if I told you. Seeing as this might be happening with your boyfriend soon I don't wanna be part of a double murder. I'll be dead honest with you, we actually don't have a a title for it yet. But if we did you know again I'd be waiting until we had the official date for it so that people can go to our website and day OK there's the countdown. They're about to announce what it's called sort of thing."

100.3 Jack FM - Joe Elliott 3rd March 2015 Interview Quote

Album Name

"At the moment in time we do not. We are always one of these bands that says well the album's coming out soon we better give it a name. It always cracks me up when somebody says yeah we're going in the studio to record our new album and it's gonna be called blah blah blah. It's like you know that already? How and why?. Now at this moment in time it's all about getting the songs right. Picking a good running order for it and then packaging it up and then thinking well what word's gonna look great on the sleeve."

Phil Collen - June 2014 Interview Quotes

Rick Allen

"Everyone was coming (in with songs) even Rick Allen you know who doesn't usually do that came in with a couple of great ideas and you know we're doing one of the songs that he started - that he brought in so that's really cool. That's a different dynamic. We got on so amazingly just in the studio it was just flowing it was very kind of open minded and the songs reflect that. There's no real barriers it kind of reminds me of a Manraze album a little bit."

"The fact that we haven't got any one label or an A&R guy or something going you should be doing this. It's like the first album we've done that we absolutely wanted to do. We're doing this and all of this works so it was very open minded and fun."