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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Joe Elliott Q 104.3 Radio Appearance Photo Gallery

Tuesday, 3rd March 2015

Joe Elliott 2015.
Scrrenshot by dltourhistory

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was interviewed live on 18th February by Q 104.3 radio and a photo gallery is available.

As mentioned Joe talked to hosts Jim Kerr and Shelli Sonstein about the rock star life, US hit singles, the early days of the band, British bands/success, his favourite artists/first records, Down 'n' Outz, his radio show, the 2015 US Tour with Styx/Tesla.

The 19 minute video can be seen again below and they have now added a gallery of 16 photos.

Visit the 2015 Tour News section. For more news on future tour plans.

Q 104.3 - Joe Elliott Interview Quote

US Tour

"Well Tesla opened for us on the Hysteria tour for about a year and they were just fantastic. They were just on their way up then. We toured with Styx in 2007 I think it was, them and REO Speedwagon. And I have to say Tommy Shaw is one of my favourite people in the world. He's such a nut bag. He's a complete - every birthday I get these weird messages from him and his missus. Video - not you know they film themselves and they do something weird and wacky. I love them, great guys."