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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Vivian Campbell Will Rejoin 2015 Tour Soon According To Rick Allen

Monday, 22nd June 2015

Vivian Campbell 2013.
Las Vegas, NV April 2013

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell will rejoin his band mates on the 2015 world tour very soon according to Rick Allen.

Rick answered a fan question in the last couple of hours on twitter suggesting Vivian will be back in "a few days".

Vivian announced the return of his Hodgkin's Lymphoma on 20th June and said he was sad to be missing shows.

The "media" reports already decided to suggest he had "pulled out" of the US tour. But as he mentioned in his message he was busy trying to work out a treatment schedule to allow him to return.

Trixter guitarist Steve Brown stood in for Vivian at the San Juan show in Puerto Rico on Saturday and will be with the band until Vivian's return.

There is currently no indication of which show he will return at but the fact that he intends to is no surprise given his determination to play live throughout 2013 through to the recent Canadian and European tours.

Vivian posted another update last night where he thanked people for their support.

UPDATE 23rd June - Vivian will be back in Birmingham, AL on Saturday. He updated with this message a few hours after Rick's twitter news.

Rick Allen - 22nd June 2015 Twitter Quote

Deanna Fan Question - "I hear Vivian won't be joining you guys on the tour?."

Rick Allen reply

"Vivian will be back in a few days."

Vivian Campbell - 21st June 2015 facebook Quotes

"I'm overwhelmed by the support and well-wishes that everyone has sent to me. Thank you all so very much - it means a lot to me."

"Looking on the bright side: at least I'm getting to spend father's day with my daughters. Yay for that!"