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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Def Leppard 2015 World Tour Paso Robles, CA - Show 46 Report

Tuesday, 28th July 2015

Def Leppard 2015.
Screenshot by dltourhistory

Def Leppard played show 46 of the 2015 World Tour last night in Paso Robles, CA with 17 songs performed.

The show took place at Chumash Grandstand Arena at the California Mid-State Fair.

The band's second visit to this city. The first being on 3rd August 1999 during the Euphoria tour at the same fair.

The outdoor stage was quite small and not able to fit the usual on stage video screens. The first show on the 2015 tour without any on stage video during a show. The usual lighting rig was also missing with the band using the festivals own set up.

Due to the lack of video screens Vivian and Phil's guitar amps were seen behind them, usually hidden by the screens and often displayed on them in video form. Vivian uses Engl amps and Phil uses Eddie Van Halen's range of EVH 5150 amps. Rick used his "other" drum riser last seen on the European leg.

The venue was set up like a small baseball stadium with stands all around and seating on the main floor area.

'Let It Go' and 'Promises' were played in an unchanged setlist from the previous show in Holmdel, NJ.

15 of the songs were played at the 1999 show. 'Two Steps Behind' and 'Rock On' were played for the first time in this city.

This was the final show of the first part of the US tour with 22 shows played (including the Puerto Rico show). 38 US shows to go before they are done on 17th October with an album release set to follow a few days later. As mentioned by Vivian recently a new single should be added to the set some time in September during the final 20 US dates.

Joe Elliott - End Of Show Speech

"Paso Robles. Once again, Thanks for having us. Thanks for coming. Thanks for being here. We'll see you next time. Good night."

"Been a real pleasure. Thank you. Until next time, and there will be a next time!. Do us a favour. Don't forget us and we won't forget you. Good night."

View the current Setlist Statistics in the next news update.

The next show takes place on 7th August in Sturgis, SD.

Def Leppard World Tour 2015 - Show #46 Paso Robles, CA Setlist

  • 00 - Disintegrate Intro (PA)
  • 01 - Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)
  • 02 - Animal
  • 03 - Let It Go
  • 04 - Foolin'
  • 05 - Promises
  • 06 - Love Bites
  • 07 - Armageddon It
  • 08 - Rick Savage Bass Solo/Rock On
  • 09 - Two Steps Behind (acoustic) - Joe Elliott Only

Both songs played here for the very first time.

  • 10 - Rocket (Single Version)
  • 11 - Bringin' On The Heartbreak (electric)
  • 12 - Switch 625 (Instrumental)
  • 13 - Hysteria
  • 14 - Let's Get Rocked
  • 15 - Pour Some Sugar On Me
  • 16 - Rock Of Ages
  • 17 - Photograph

Tesla - Paso Robles, CA Setlist - TBC

  • 01 - Edison's Medicine (Man Out Of Time)
  • 02 - Gettin' Better
  • 03 - Hang Tough
  • 04 - Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)
  • 05 - Signs
  • 06 - Love Song
  • 07 - Little Suzi
  • 08 - Modern Day Cowboy