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Vivian Campbell Says New Song Showcases Band Members Vocal Abilities

Saturday, 25th July 2015

Vivian Campbell 2013.
Las Vegas, NV April 2013

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell was interviewed yesterday by Jrod on Oklahoma radio and talked about the new album.

Vivian talked about his health, the current US tour, the self-titled studio album, 2016 touring, Last In Line and the 2016 Hysteria On the High Seas Cruise.

Vivian again comments on the new song where each member sing lines and playing new songs on the 2016 cruise.

Listen to the full 13 minute interview via the link below.

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94.7 The Brew - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

2015 Def Leppard Studio Album/2016 Touring

"As are we yes. We're excited about this tour - we have a new record coming - well, you know we won't be playing it in August because it's actually - the record isn't dropping until September. Early to mid-September will be when the first track will go to radio. There's no point in us playing it before it's on the radio. So that's kinda the thing but it has kind of energised the band."

"I would say this record has been the strongest that we've made in a couple of decades. So that's kinda got us pretty amped up about the tour you know and we'll tour not only this year but actually into 2016 as a result of this record. It'll give us a good excuse to go out and do it again next year."

The Lead Vocals Song

"There is a song on the record. It's a Joe Elliott song and we take it in turns to sing a couple of lines in the verses. Each guy in turn and that's a first for the band. You know we're kinda well known for our strong vocals and we do take great pride in the fact that we can replicate it live without backup tapes and hard drives and stuff. That kind of what makes Def Leppard unique in the hard rock genre is that we have very, very strong backing vocals. Not just the lead vocals. So it's a nice way to showcase, you know the vocal ability of everyone in the band individually."

"That's part of the record - it's a very diverse album that we got coming out. It covers all the different styles of the band's career. You know we got pretty much straight ahead hard rock tracks. Which is where the band started and then we have much more complex studio production songs. You know that kind of reflect the band's sound and how it changed in the mid to late 80s."

Didn't Take That Long To Record?

"We're slow learners but with each successive Def Leppard record we've gotten a little bit quicker at doing it you know. Also I think we've kind of been forced into that by the changing landscape of the music industry. I mean it's a loss for us. We'll never even recoup what we spent on this record. You know but we kind of never expect to any more you know we just kind of - we know that we need to do it impulsively. We need to exercise that creative muscle. It legitimises who we are and what the band is. You know we're not just a classic rock band playing hits from the 80s. Even though that is mostly what we play live. Or the songs from the really, really big records. You know Pyromania, Hysteria, Adrenalize. You know it's still important for us as individuals and as a band that we continue to create."

New Songs On the Cruise

"It'll also be an opportunity for Def Leppard to - you know we'll actually feature songs, I would imagine, from the new record. You know because we're not gonna be playing them on most of the American tour because the record's not gonna be out. So you know it'll be a chance for us probably to play a few more cuts from the new album."