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Phil Collen Suggests 23rd October Album Release/Explains Title

Friday, 17th July 2015

Phil Collen 2013.
Phil Collen April 2013

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen has been interviewed by DJ Jim O'Brien of Detroit radio and hinted at a release date for the new album.

Phil talked about Delta Deep - the history of the band, the album/live shows, Joe's Down 'n' Outz band, the 2015 self-titled studio, playing in Detroit, touring with Styx/Tesla, which era of rock he'd like to be in and whether the band are now competing against themselves and their own history.

Phil summed up why they called it DEF LEPPARD which has been clear from all recent interviews.

Without being too specific he did suggest the album release date. And with new music now being released world wide on Fridays - he appeared to suggest it will come out on 23rd October. The 20th being in the same week - if the release dates were the same as now Tuesday 20th would the US release date.

The release date happening shortly after the end of the US tour (17th October) would give them enough time to do some promo to support it before travelling to Japan in November.

If it is 23rd October then it will be exactly 20 years since the release of the 'Vault' album and the 3 Continents In One Day world record.

He managed to avoid getting into specifics about any previews or details of the first single release.

As mentioned in the interview, Phil did indeed visit the Motown museum yesterday and posted a photo on instagram which you can see below.

Listen to the full 21 minute interview via the link. BTW Muscle Shoals Sound Studio is a recording studio located in Sheffield, Alabama.

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Jim O'Brien - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

The release date for the new album is?

"Yeah October - we kind of roughly - the 20th. So we're not a hundred percent sure yet but hopefully that week anyway."

First Single Picked Out?

"We do. It's so diverse. This album was - the way it came about you know we didn't have to do an album. We actually went in to record a single and we came out with 12 songs straight off the bat and because we didn't have to. There was no record company pushing us or even fans. You know no one was saying well you know - obviously fans always want a new album but there was no one really pushing us. And we did it - you know the same reason that Zeppelin, Bowie, The Beatles you know they'd - the Stones. Like the Muscle Shoals thing you know. They'd write a song, record it you know like they done Brown Sugar and Wild Horses they went into Muscle Shoals and in about two days. Jagger was still writing the lyrics while the band was recording the music."

"It was kinda done in that spirit and I think because of that there was a freedom to it that we haven't had on any other album. It was the first album we've ever done where it was totally for us. For the reasons of - for the love of the music. So it turned out that way and we're so excited. I think it's the best thing we've done since Hysteria. I really do."

Samples From The Album/Single Preview?

"Um I think we - obviously we're not gonna play any of it live until the album comes out. Maybe the single. We're trying to figure that out right now. We're just getting the final mix on it and then we're obviously gonna start mastering and stuff. But yeah we're just working on that now. ."

Why is the album self-titled as DEF LEPPARD?

"It was and it - you know everything always - yeah, it's great having an idea for an album title but you have to think about it. It's very rare they just flow and come naturally. And the album did come naturally so we thought you know let's call it "Def Leppard" because it's - it's not contrived. It's what it is and it's diverse. One minute it's the loudest. heaviest guitars we've ever had on a Def Leppard album. the next minute it sounds like it should be Top 40 and the next minute it's - I don't know. I can't even describe it. You'll love it though. It's great."