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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Def Leppard 2015 World Tour Toronto, ON - Show 38 Report

Wednesday, 15th July 2015

Def Leppard 2015.
Pic by Lindsay

Def Leppard played show 38 of the 2015 World Tour last night in Toronto, ON with 17 songs performed.

The show took place at Molson Canadian Amphitheatre.

This was the bands first show in Toronto since 12th August 2014 on the Summer Tour 2014 with KISS. A return to the country after the first 13 shows of the 2015 tour.

'Let It Go' and 'Promises' were played with 'Paper Sun' left out as the rotation of songs continues.

Storm clouds circled overhead in the run up to show time and it rained through most of the concert. As usual with outdoor amphitheatres this only affected the crowd on the lawn.

During 'PSSOM' Joe picked up a bra that was thrown on stage. Later on a Union Jack was also thrown on stage and by 'Rock Of Ages' it was placed across the bottom of Rick's drum riser.

Styx had a special guest perform with them during their opening set. Canadian singer Sass Jordan sang with them on one song. And yes, you're right, Taylor Hawkins did play drums in her band prior to joining Alanis Morissette's band for her Jagged Little Pill tour which started 20 years ago.

Joe played another short snippet before TSB. Possibly of a Neil Young song - Joe's words below refer to playing the song 'Woodstock' in Bethel which turns out to have been written by Joni Mitchell and covered by CSNY. The NY song is likely to have been 'The Needle And The Damage Done' which was played in Victoria, BC. Joe had already dedicated 'TSB' to Joni in Ottawa as she was in hospital at the time (Thanks to Michele for the info).

Joe Elliott - Vivian's Intro

"Thank you. Thank you very much. C'mon then - Look who's here!. There he is there, look. All the way from Northern Ireland to be here tonight. Via L.A. and a few other places. The boy who puts the fast in Belfast. Will you please make a lot of noise for a very happy and healthy Vivian Campbell."

Joe Elliott - Pre TSB Speech

"A couple of nights ago we played - Woodstock. So I did some Joni Mitchell. You see there's a theme here. Some good music came out of this country. And we're just glad to be able to visit here and bring some of our own and hopefully you enjoy it. And hopefully you sing along with it. If you know it. So it begs the question do you wanna join the band for four minutes. I'll take that as a yes. So you are now officially in Def Leppard. But there is work to be done. So it's simple. If you know it, sing it OK. Two Steps Behind."

Joe Elliott - End Of Show Speech Part 1

"Toronto, Canada. Thanks for having us. Thanks for coming. Thanks for being here. See you next time. Good night."

View the current Setlist Statistics in the next news update.

The next show takes place on 15th July in Youngstown, OH.

Def Leppard World Tour 2015 - Show #38 Toronto, ON Setlist

  • 00 - Disintegrate Intro (PA)
  • 01 - Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)
  • 02 - Animal
  • 03 - Let It Go
  • 04 - Foolin'
  • 03 - Promises

Back in after being left out in Darien Center, NY.

  • 06 - Love Bites
  • 07 - Armageddon It
  • 08 - Rick Savage Bass Solo/Rock On
  • 00 - Joe Elliott Acoustic Snippet

A snippet of a Neil Young song - TBC.

  • 09 - Two Steps Behind (acoustic) - Joe Elliott Only
  • 10 - Rocket (Single Version)
  • 11 - Bringin' On The Heartbreak (electric)
  • 12 - Switch 625 (Instrumental)
  • 13 - Hysteria
  • 14 - Let's Get Rocked
  • 15 - Pour Some Sugar On Me
  • 16 - Rock Of Ages
  • 17 - Photograph

Styx - Toronto, ON Setlist

  • 01 - The Grand Illusion
  • 02 - Too Much Time On My Hands
  • 03 - Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)
  • 04 - Miss America
  • 05 - A Criminal Mind
  • 06 - Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) - w/ guest Sass Jordan
  • 07 - Rocket Man/Bohemian Rhapsody/(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay
  • 08 - Come Sail Away

  • 09 - Rockin' The Paradise
  • 10 - Renegade

Tesla - Toronto, ON Setlist

  • 01 - Edison's Medicine (Man Out Of Time)
  • 02 - The Way It Is
  • 03 - Hang Tough
  • 04 - Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)
  • 05 - Signs
  • 06 - Love Song
  • 07 - Little Suzi
  • 08 - Modern Day Cowboy

A photo posted by Maria (@sledchikk) on

Sass Jordan joined us on stage last night in Toronto for "Blue Collar Man..."Have mercy that girl can sing!!! (Jason Powell photo)

Posted by Styx on Wednesday, July 15, 2015