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Vivian Campbell's Last In Line Finish Recording Debut Album

Monday, 26th January 2015

Last In Line.

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell and his side band Last In Line have finished recording their debut album.

The album is due to be released whenever they have gaps in their regular 'day job' schedules for promotion and touring.

As you know Vivian also shared lots of good Def Leppard related news in the interview.

Vivian got together with the band to start work on the album again in early December 2014. The first time he was seen following his amazingly quick recovery after undergoing Stem Cell surgery.

Read some of his comments about the Last In Line album below and listen to the full interview via the link.

Eddie Trunk - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

Last In Line Album

"Today is our last scheduled day on the Last In Line record. We've been doing this piece meal. We actually started last May. We cut the first four tracks and then I went on tour with Leppard over the Summer so it was kind of put on hiatus. And then there was all the medical bollocks and the hospitalisation. So now that we're done - we wanted to get the record done because we had a lot of the song ideas and we wanted to do it while it was fresh. So we've been working with Jeff and it's sounding amazing. I am so so excited about this. It's much better than even I thought it was going to be. I knew it was gonna be really, really strong but it's really, really, really just given us all goosebumps."

"And I can't say enough how impressed I am with Jeff Pilson as producer. You know I've known Jeff for years and years since way back when Dokken toured with DIO in 1984. I've always known that he was a great musician and a lovely, lovely guy but there's this whole other side to him. You know he's kind of the Roger Glover of this generation. Bass player turned producer and he's been such a great producer with the band and with the musical ideas. And in particular with Andy. You know with the lead vocals and stuff and just how he works with singers and super impressed with him."

Song Style?

"The majority of it - well actually I wouldn't say the majority of it. I would say a good 50% of the songs would sound right at home on those first three DIO albums. And the others have a bit more of a modern edge to them. But it's certainly of the ilk. I mean when you get Vinny and Jimmy and I playing it sounds like the early DIO records because that's what it is. Obviously Andy's a very different singer. He's got a very different instrument and he writes lyrics very differently. Very, very impressed with where Andy's gone lyrically on the record too. That's another thing so it's great. It is so epic sounding. I mean we've got some amazing songs on this and I am hyper excited about it as you can probably tell."

Release Date?

"That's a good question. We're signed to Frontiers (Records) the Italian label. And like I say today's the last day of recording so the record's as good as done. It'll be mixed and mastered within a few weeks and we'll do the artwork. The original release date that we were looking for was some time this Spring. April, May kind of thing but to be honest I don't know. We're in discussions with Frontiers now about when to possibly release the record because it doesn't make a lot of sense to put it out there if we're not available to support it."

"And I've got a really, really big schedule with Def Leppard this year because Def Leppard have a new record coming out also. Backed up by a world tour so I literally don't have a lot of availability to do Last In Line shows. And it would be a real shame, especially because the record is sounding so much better than we all anticipated. It would be a real shame to just put it out there and let it die on the vine. So we are talking with them about possibly trying to find whatever holes there may be in the Def Leppard touring schedule this year to may be see if it's worthwhile putting together a small run of dates for Last In Line and some press stuff. And if not we'll just kick it down the road until everyone's available to do it."

Vivian Campbell - 21st January facebook Quote

"We finished up the Last In Line record a couple of days ago and it's beyond expectations. This record absolutely rips and my fingers are raw from shredding! I'm so, so excited about this.

Stay tuned for details of release.