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Joe Elliott's Louder Bangin' Strong Ale Available In Ireland/2014 Interview

Thursday, 5th February 2015

Joe Elliott's Louder.
Joe Elliott's Louder

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott's Louder Bangin' Strong Ale was launched somewhat under the radar in April 2014 and is available across Ireland.

Joe talked about it in a November 2014 interview with Hot Press magazine.

Joe talked about how the new drink came about, the original Down 'n' Outz beer, a potential third beer, a rivalry with Iron Maiden's 'The Troper' beer, the Summer Tour 2014, VIVA! Hysteria and the Down 'n' Outz band history.

Follow the links below to The Porterhouse and Drinkstore websites for more info.

Joe had mentioned the beer in this April 2014 Down 'n' Outz special edition of his Planet Rock show.

He also talked about it as far back as 2012 in this Detroit radio interview.

Hot Press 2014 - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

Joe Elliott's Louder Bangin' Strong Ale

"In honour of Spinal Tap it goes all the way up to 11% proof. It's a take no prisoners American-style barley wine meant for sipping."

"...his extremely rock 'n' roll brew, which has been in quality Irish bars and offies since April this year in 330ml form. New 500ml bottles are being released in the run-up to Christmas, with an IPA due early in 2015."

Down 'n' Outz Beer

"I want it to have a kick, so that people go, 'Holy shit!' when they taste it.' When I gave one to Rick (Savage) to take home, he emailed me three days later saying, 'I've gotta tell ya, it's the best beer I've ever fucking drunk in my life!'"

A Third Beer

"I'm going to call it 'Squiddle Sweat' in honour of a phrase Les Dawson used in a joke years and years ago," he beams. "It's no dafter than Bishop's Finger or Hobgoblin!"

Joe Elliott's Louder Bangin' Strong Ale - Description

"An American style barley wine. Big on flavor, big on hops and big on alcohol. A strong beer, brewed with lots of dark malt to give a rich malt character, finishing with a distinctive hop aroma and a little sweetness."

The Joe Elliott Show - April 2014 Quote


"I've started working with Oliver the guy that runs the microbrewery and we've brought out more of a generic beer called Louder. We're just in the embryonic stages now it is available in Dublin, Ireland on drought and you can get it in bottles. And it's 11 proof so it will blow your head off."