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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Vivian Campbell On New Album/Tour/Pyromania Residency - Audio

Friday, 27th February 2015

Vivian Campbell Sheffield 2008.
Pic by dltourhistory

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell was interviewed by 102.3 WBAB and talked about the 2015 album and tour.

Vivian talked about his health situation, the lessons learned from his illness, playing full albums, the Pyromania residency, the first residency/Ded Flatbird, the 2015 studio album/single and the Last In Line.

Vivian suggests the album won't be ready before the late June start of the US tour leg. Interestingly he suggests a single may come out "by the end of this summer tour". Thus confirming his single news from a month ago has also been subject to a delay.

Listen to the full 11 minute interview via the show link below.

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Joe Rock - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

2015 Live Show/Setlist

"Well you know as always it's a bit of a burden for us. But it's a nice burden to have is the fact that we have a lot of genuine hit songs. So we're kind of expected to play those. You know in a big concert environment the majority of people want to hear the really big hits. So that's a given that we'll be playing those, Beyond that we do try and make it a little bit more interesting and different for repeat offenders who come back and see us on multiple tours and for ourselves to be honest."

"So you know we've talked about throwing in tracks like Paper Sun from the Euphoria album. Something from High 'n' Dry. Maybe a different version of Rocket. There's a long winded version of Rocket that has a couple of extended guitar solos for Phil and myself that we may do this summer. So just things like that you know we try and make it a little bit different. But yeah for the most part you know you could guess that 85 percent of the show is gonna be the big hits."

2016 VIVA! Pyromania Residency

"Yeah actually we are gonna go back to Vegas. A this stage it's probably gonna be early next year. This time we're gonna do the Pyromania record. So we're excited about that. We really enjoyed it and in fact probably for me and I think maybe for the other guys as well. The most enjoyable aspect of that was the fact that we got to be our own opening act."

"Prior to Def Leppard coming on and performing the album we had Ded Flatbird. Which is we're billed as the world's greatest Def Leppard cover band. Of course it was us but you know we're just - it's amazing how many people didn't recognise us just because we changed our clothes. But you know we'd come on and we'd play a different set every single night. And we played some really, really obscure stuff from early in the band's career. And that was really, really great fun for us to do it and to do it in that environment was ultimate. So we're looking forward to doing that again."

"But like I say that's gonna have to wait till early 2016 because we are going around the world on this particular tour that's coming up."

His "wuss music" Quote

"Well the record's been done in three instalments. The first one was started in February last year in Dublin. And we started out playing live in the studio - all five of us. Which is something we don't normally do and something we hadn't done since the Slang album. And the reason we did that was because we wanted to capture the raw rock element of the band. And we are a really, really good live band and sometimes you can't really piece that stuff together, You've gotta do it in real time. So we set up and we got several - the first several songs we wrote were rock songs. And that's what I was referencing with that quote. That that's what we started with. In the second recording session which took place in May in Dublin. And I was unable to attend because I was doing chemo at the time and my doctors advised me against it. So I - that's what I was talking about because I have no idea what happened in that middle section. But I tell you what it wasn't rock!."

"You know but then we - I just got back from Dublin a week or so ago and that was the final element. We were there for over a month finishing up the record. And that's when it really started to come together at the eleventh hour. And I gotta say it's a great record. It's not all rock, it's a pretty diverse record. There's a lot of different styles on it. But the rock element still remains on those early tracks. And it's a really, really strong record. I do think it's very, very good and you know my hats off to my fellow band mates. They've done a great job."