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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Phil Collen On 2015 Tour Setlist/New Album - Audio

Thursday, 19th February 2015

Phil Collen Sheffield 2008.
Pic by dltourhistory

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed yesterday by 96.9 97 Rock in Buffalo, NY and commented on the 2015 tour/studio album.

Phil talked about the 2015 tour with Styx and Tesla, the setlist, the 2015 studio album, Vivian's health and being on stage when it's cold.

Listen to the full 7 minute interview via the radio station link below.

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96.9 97 Rock - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

2015 Album/Tour Setlist

"This is gonna be a really long tour and we'll have a new album. I'm not sure of the exact release date of that yet. So we're not actually gonna play any new tunes until we actually release the record. So that'll come out at some point in the tour. We're just kind of wrapping it up now. But yeah we're gonna dig a little deeper. You know it's a different format. We've got three bands out with us. It'll be like Tesla and Styx and us headlining. Yeah we wanna do what we - when we went to Vegas. When we done the VIVA! Hysteria thing we had a pool of like 30 songs, 32 songs. So we could like just change them out and so we wouldn't be playing the same thing every night. So I think we may do that on this tour. You may get the odd deep cut and stuff that we haven't done for a while."

Support Acts

"No it's the same as always you know. It's like there's a list of bands who are gonna be on tour. What's kind of interesting is the list is actually dwindling as you may have noticed. There's less and less rock bands around. And the industry's in a different position than it used to be so it's very interesting. And what's really cool about these - both these bands is we've toured with them both extensively so we get on great with them. So that's gonna be a blast. In fact Tesla we're the first - when we played In The Round in '87 on the Hysteria tour, they were the opening act. They were actually the first band to play you know In The Round - the first hard rock band because they went on before us so that was kind of interesting. It'll be great to have those guys back."

Vivian's Health/Album Recording

"He's doing great. You know we literally - I was in Dublin just over a week ago and we were putting finishing touches, doing backing vocals, guitar solos and stuff like that. So Viv was out and me and Viv - well the four of us actually. Me, Joe, Viv and Sav were actually doing lots of vocals and stuff. And he was great. He got the all-clear from the doctor. So he's all good to go."