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Phil Collen On 2015 Setlist Deep Cuts/Studio Album - Audio

Thursday, 19th February 2015

Phil Collen Sheffield 2008.
Pic by dltourhistory

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed yesterday by KSHE 95 and commented on the 2015 tour/studio album.

Phil talked about the US tour with Styx/Tesla, the 2015 studio album, 2015 setlists, Vivian's health, band's he'd like to work with, his health and the self-titled Delta Deep album.

Listen to the full 11 minute interview below.

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KSHE 95 - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Release Date

"And we've got a new album coming out which is really exciting as well. We've just been in Dublin putting the finishing touches on that as well."

"While we're on tour because we're actually still putting the finishing touches on it. Like I said you know there's still the odd vocal and we've gotta mix it and master it and do the sleeve and all that. So it's not gonna be ready for the beginning of the tour but at some point in the tour it's gonna be out. So yeah that's all I can say at the moment. I don't really know."

Song Style

"It's the most exciting Def Leppard album we've done in 20 years. The rock songs rock harder than anything we've done before. You know anything period. And the pop songs are you know or the songs that have really kind of got great hooks and stuff on them. We went overboard on the backing vocals and you really kind of hear all the influences you know coming together on this stuff. You know we always felt that we were kind of a hybrid of Queen and AC/DC and that was the starting point and we kind of just progressed and this is a further progression on that."

"It's a lot more aggressive. That's the only way I can say it really. It's kind of just got this fire-power that we didn't have before. And I think part of that was how we went and recorded it you know. We went and we didn't really worry about it. When we go in the studio we really over think things usually. And with this one we didn't at all. It's like if someone was inspired and they had an idea everyone would just be - we'd support them on it. So that was cool like I said it was a refreshing thing. We're finally getting the hang of it - studio stuff. Just when it becomes less important to have albums. But that was the other thing we started off doing an EP or one or two songs and the reason we actually done it was because we started writing all these brand new songs that sounded great. So I think the reason for doing it is a lot different. It's not us sitting going OK we need to make fillers and da da da it was because we really had these songs that we needed to express. And it's the reason you get in a band or become an artist in the first place. So this was done for the real right reasons and I think you hear the integrity when you hear the stuff. I'm really excited about it like I said."

New Material On Tour?

"I think we've gotta watch what we put out because of the way the internet is and all that. We don't kind of wanna reveal too much before the album comes out. So probably if anything we'll maybe go with a single or something. But because we don't want to repeat ourselves I think we're gonna do kind of what we did in Vegas. Where we have a pool of 30 songs and the odd deep cut that we haven't played for years. You know actually throw that into the set randomly. So it's not exactly the same old, same old. So it just kind of - it's just a different kind of vibe completely you know."

Live Guitar Solos/Vivian's Health

"He's great. He got the all-clear from the doctor. So he's cancer free. Like I said I was with him about a week and a half ago. We actually on the new album we done some stuff we haven't really done before. We were doing some live guitar solos. Where we'd both play at the same time together and it was great. So that's something that's a bit more kind of exciting that we haven't really done on stuff before. So there's that and he's doing great. He's singing,. His voice is back to normal and everything. You know he's getting his strength back. So yeah no he's doing great."