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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Joe Elliott Talks About Def Leppard's UK Tour/2016 Plans

Friday, 4th December 2015

Joe Elliott 2014.
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Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott has been interviewed by his friend Dave Fanning and mentioned the upcoming UK tour.

Joe talked about rehearsing in Yorkshire for the UK tour, the 2015 world tour, CMT Crossroads with Taylor Swift from 2008, the setlist, attending two U2 shows in Dublin, making the new studio album, memories of his stag night which Dave attended and appearing on an old Irish pop quiz show (Number One) with him after the Hysteria tour ended, the UK tour shows and 2016 cruise/US shows, the next US summer tour in 2016 and his old jobs in Sheffield.

Joe mentions he attended the third and fourth nights (27th/28th November) of U2's recent Dublin concerts at the 3Arena. They would have been the last of their world tour but they have rescheduled the two shows called off in Paris and will be playing there again on Sunday/Monday as Def Leppard begin their UK tour in Dublin and Belfast. No snippets of PSSOM this time as in Boston.

Funnily enough it was on RTE1 Radio where Joe first mentioned the Hysteria cruise back in February of this year.

Listen to the 15 minute interview via the show link below. Starts at 54.25 mins until the end of the 1 hour 9 minute podcast.

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The Ray D'Arcy Show with Dave Fanning - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

UK Tour Rehearsals

"We've just been doing a run through. Ironically we are in the middle of wet, foggy Yorkshire. Right, rehearsing because we couldn't rehearse in Ireland because Penny Dreadful have got Ardmore (Studios) locked down. So we had to come all the way back to Yorkshire to do our rehearsals."

A Fan Of Penny Dreadful?

"Yes I am so I forgave them."

UK Tour Setlist/Attending U2's Dublin Shows

"We're gonna be playing some obvious songs because you wouldn't get out of the building alive without playing them. And then you gotta play some new stuff. I was at the last two U2 shows at the 3 (arena) last week and I thought they got the balance bang on."

(Note - U2 played 6 new songs from their Songs Of Innocence album at both Dublin shows...and only 3 each from their two biggest albums The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby (their equivalents of Hysteria/Pyromania...).)

Def Leppard Album Title

"Yeah, yeah. Isn't that amazing?!. Well you know if you're gonna ask me why. The answer is just simply because once we put it together - and you know we didn't even set out to make an album Dave to be quite honest. We got together to write two or three songs just to see where we'd go and we ended up writing 12 in about four weeks. We went back to work on them a couple of months later and wrote two more. And all of a sudden we had 14 songs. So we thought OK we have an album."

"And when we all kind of branched off to go to our separate places of residence and started talking to friends and family. And they were going go on, what's it sound like?. We all found ourselves saying it kinda sounds like Def Leppard. And when we all kind of got back together and that story kind of became the in joke. It was Phil I think who just said well let's just call it Def Leppard. We've never done it in 35 years. It seemed like a good idea at the time."

UK Tour/2016 Tour Plans

"We finish at the Sheffield Arena. It's ten shows in total. We finish on the 19th in Sheffield. Then we've got about a month off and then we head out again towards about - 21st of January. We're doing a rock cruise, Def Leppard, it's Hysteria On The High Seas. So that should be fun. As long as we don't sail off into a hurricane."

"It's called a rock cruise. You basically go on board a huge big cruise liner with 5,700 bonkers fans and you do a performance on the boat as it sails around the Caribbean. They've actually become quite popular Dave over the last four or five years. Loads of people have done 'em."

Going Back To Las Vegas?

"Well we have actually we did it in 2013. We may do it again as well because they're kind of looking for us to do VIVA! Pyromania. But for right now we've got the cruise. It's only three days out there and then we've got a three week tour of the States in February. It'll be the first time we've toured in the cold for a long time. So that should be fun. And then we've got a bit of time off and then we're back out next summer for a huge big American run again. So you know it never ends!."