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Saturday, 30th May 2015

Esbjerg, Denmark - Media Reviews

Domesticated and rehearsed leopard Popular By Kent Kirkegaard Jensen | Original

Not much was left to chance when Def Leppard to Esbjerg Rock Festival ran a stone safe and proven show home on the routine.

It's not every day that British Def Leppard is in Denmark. Recently it happened was back in 2008 when they played Rock Under Broen in Middelfart. Here in 2015 was the so headlining the Esbjerg Rock Festival, which this year celebrated its 20 anniversary. A true folk festival in Esbjerg, shame not only presents Gnags and Michael Learns To Rock on the program. This year it was for example Aphyxion, which opened the festival's main stage. So while the festival is certainly popular with costumes, communal and all the things of such a party, so it is also the festival in its first year pulled mighty Black Sabbath (in a version with Tony Martin) to town!

Esbjerg Rock Festival has rock on the program in all its forms. This year the main name Def Leppard. The British hard rock group has been touring the world for 35 years and released records that have sold millions. Not least 'Hysteria', which has sold over 20 million copies and had all seven singles out of 12 numbers. Very impressive. In the eighties and nineties were the giant.

Here in the year 2015 they are still popular and can draw people from near and far. In Esbjerg went on stage 22.10 and started the party with 'Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop) 'and on to' Animal ', which is precisely the aforementioned' Hysteria' plate. Lead singer Joe Elliott seems to be in high spirits, interacts well with the audience, and the others in the band plays well with. They continue in a handful of numbers, with focus on the slightly newer plates, and here people have little trouble keeping momentum. The same with the band.

Even though 'Love Bites' is a classic, it's also a slow song. Lovers in the audience gets kissed through and sung singalong with closed eyes. Then 'Armageddon It', which might have heralded a slightly higher pace. It was just not for the bass solo and a cover in the form of 'Rock On' was left running to sleep.

With the sun away and a wind that had a classic vestjysk- speed was heat by leaving the festival site. The articulated Joe Elliott also from the edge of the stage and he believed that the best was to sing to retain heat. So he put in an acoustic solo performances with a guitar and implemented 'Two Steps Behind' while the rest of the band could sit in the back and get warm.

Only then began to happen. They kicked life into the rocket with just 'Rocket', and shortly thereafter followed both 'Hysteria' and the two smash hit 'Let's Get Rocked "and" Pour Some Sugar On Me'. Then they thanked nicely, but exactly as expected, they came right back and gave 'Rock Of Ages' and ended with 'Photograph'.

It all ran according to plan. No deviations from the formula that has been clear throughout this 2015 tour. Of positive things to take from this Def Leppard concert could mention that Vivian Campbell seemed to be in good spirits. He has been suffering from cancer since 2013, but was so fresh enough to play, and it was wonderful life-affirming. His guitar buddy Phil Collen was also sounding. Generally, the band is good rhythmic Rick Allen's drums sound exactly like they used to, and Rick Savage on bass was stylish, and the two were like the other good to get beyond the stage, pointing to audience, smile and make sure to include those in the party.

It was just too mechanical. But mechanically in a way so Esbjerg Rock Festival was nevertheless closed well down and the crowd walked away with a good experience. The energy just was not as authentic as at Aphyxion or Europe on the same stage this year. People were however seen giraffe ... sorry, the leopard.

As can be seen, we also reached just past the 'Paradise City' bar where Martin of High Voltage was DJ and threw rock numbers to the people from the concerts. A great place just to get his fix AC / DC, Motley Crue, Guns' N Roses, Iron Maiden and others A popular and pleasant place for the nostalgic ear.

By Devilution 2015 - Translated.


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