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Joe Elliott Comments On The Art Of McCartney Tribute Record

Thursday, 18th September 2014

The Art Of McCartney 2014.
The Art of McCartney

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott has commented on the new Paul McCartney tribute album called The Art Of McCartney which he and the band have contributed to.

Def Leppard will cover 'Helen Wheels' and Joe will do a solo cover of 'Hi Hi Hi'. Both songs were originally recorded by Wings. Joe confirmed that he has performed his track with Paul McCartney's current backing band as others have on the album.

The band features Rusty Anderson (guitars), Brian Ray (guitars), Abe Laboriel Jr. (drums) and Paul Wickens (keyboards).

Joe was speaking during an interview with 105.7 WAPL where he talked about the Down 'n' Outz, the history of Def Leppard, the Summer Tour 2014 with KISS, new songs, staying together as a band, the NFL appearance and the next album.

Listen to/download the full 14 minute interview via the link below.

'The Art Of McCartney' is set for release on 17th/18th November and will be available in various formats. Pre order the 2CD below.

105.7 WAPL - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

"We're featured on this Paul McCartney tribute record with some fantastic artists - Alice Cooper, Heart, Billy Joel. I mean there's a thousand people involved in this record it's just incredible."

"That's right Def Leppard did Helen Wheels. We made sure we got our name in first for some of these rockers you know because you can end up being the back of the list. And you just get stuck with what's not already been covered. And we were really lucky because we wanted Helen Wheels. But after we delivered it they liked it so much they asked me if I would do Hi Hi Hi with Paul McCartney's band. And of course I'm going sure yeah send me the track I'll do it. I'd love to you know. So that's exciting."

The Art of McCartney - Def Leppard Song Details

  • CD1
  • 16 - Def Leppard - Helen Wheels - 3:50
  • Album Track/Single by Wings from 'Band On The Run' - October 1973 - UK #12
  • CD2
  • 04 - Joe Elliott - Hi Hi Hi - 3:10
  • Non-Album Single by Wings from December 1972 - UK #5