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Joe Elliott To Guest On VEGA Album Stereo Messiah

Tuesday, 27th May 2014

VEGA by Frontiers Records

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott will sing guest vocals on the new album by British band VEGA.

The band posted the news in a tweet a couple of hours ago to coincide with news of their third album release which is due later this year.

The album 'Stereo Messiah' will be released by Frontiers Records who put out the 'Mirrorball (Live & More)' and 'VIVA! Hysteria' albums in UK/Europe.

Interestingly the press release says Joe will sing a duet with singer Nick Workman on an original Def Leppard song.

Note - The song in question is 2003 B Side '10X Bigger Than Love'.

Joe has of course guested on many other artists songs and his most recent duet was with Tracie Hunter on the track "Junkman".

VEGA have also announced four UK live shows for November in Nottingham (1st), Bolton (6th), Swansea (7th) and London on the 8th.

The band consist of singer Nick Workman, Tom Martin (guitars), James Martin (keyboards) plus drummer Dan Chantrey who formed in May 2009. The have two albums out already called 'Kiss Of Life' (2010) and 'What The Hell!' (2013).

Frontiers Records - News Quote

"It will also see Def Leppard's Joe Elliott appear on a duet with singer Nick Workman on a rare Def Leppard song given to VEGA by the Sheffield front man himself! "It's a cliche to say this, but it really is a dream come true for us. Leppard are a massive influence on us. This is such an honour!" said Nick."