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Down 'N' Outz Single World Premiere/3rd Album Talk

Friday, 21st March 2014

Down 'N' Outz 2014.
Pic by Mailboat Records

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott's Down 'N' Outz second album is out on 21st April and he premiered new songs on Rockline radio on 19th March.

Joe played the single 'Rock And Roll Queen' and 'One Of The Boys' in full as well as a clip of 'Marionette'. Interestingly he said the third Down 'N' Outz album will be all original material and is pretty much written. Expanding on what he said a couple of years ago about plans to have original music. Read his quotes below and listen via the link. 'Marionette' is at the end of part 2 with the others in parts 3 and 4.

'The Further Adventures Of' will contain 12 tracks in all including one new original song by the band. The rest are made up of Mott The Hoople covers including 'Marionette', 'One Of The Boys', 'The Journey' and 'Violence'. The cover art has also been revealed and has a cartoon/comic style similar to Aerosmith's 'Music From Another Dimension'.

The cover of Mott The Hoople's Rock And Roll Queen will be the lead single out on 14th April on iTunes and other digital outlets. The song was first released on Mott The Hoople's self titled debut album in 1969.

The album will be released on 21st April in the UK via Mailboat Records and can be ordered right now from Amazon.

Rockline - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

Second/Third Albums

"The second one is just out next month. The third album is half written, if not three quarters written. So yes there will be a third Down 'N' Outz album and it will be all original material. We may decide to do one cover for fun it won't actually even be a Hoople song who knows. But I've written a bunch of songs. Those guys have got some stuff percolating which is great. But there's some fantastic songs on the back burner. See with a project like the Down 'N' Outz because The Quireboys are extremely busy and Def Leppard are extremely busy our times where we are both not busy coinciding are so few and far between we have to be one step ahead of the game. So if there's stuff already written it's a lot easier to record it. And so I've got a couple of songs - I've got six songs written myself of which some of them are almost a year old already as writing things. I mean I'm always writing but I write stuff and I go you know what this just won't work for Leppard. But this'll be great for Down 'N' Outz. So yeah the third album will come and so hopefully will the fourth, fifth and sixth. But the third album will be original material. And they (new songs) are written in such a way that ."

Live Shows

"You may have to buy a ticket to the UK. It's really tricky because the guys have got their own life in The Quireboys and Def Leppard are extremely busy right now. The window of opportunity for us to do any shows this year is the 23rd April to the 9th May. And then it's like done but I don't worry about it because I think a project like this it's timeless. I do really hope that at some stage when Leppard are maybe having a little bit of a down time that I can bring the Down 'N' Outz to America to do some shows. I'd really love to do that they are more leaning towards the sound of the Down 'N' Outz stuff which is Hoople. So I'm writing songs in the spirit of that band. So it's almost like Sha Na Na when there were sounding like Jerry Lee Lewis or the Big Bopper. This is what this project is."

"With this one we could go a little deeper into the Mott stuff. They're two very different records but it's the same people so it's a progress which is what I really like."