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Phil Collen Talks About New Music With Chris Epting - Audio

Saturday, 18th January 2014

Phil Collen 2013.
Screenshot by DefDazz/Darren

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed for Music Backstage with Chris Epting on webtalkradio this week and the audio is available.

Chris is helping Phil to write his autobiography. Phil talked about his hand surgery, Manraze, Delta Deep and the 2014 Def Leppard recording plans.

Phil's part starts at 6:31mins until 26mins into the 31 minute podcast which can be heard on the show's website (linked below).

Phil appeared on the first episode of this show in May 2013.

Music Backstage - Phil Collen Interview Quotes


"We're already talking about setting up the Manraze studio in London. Just a demo studio in a London house and Paul lives walking distance. Simon drives over. So we'll start getting some new songs together. We've got some great ideas already I mean we could do pretty much half an album if we wanted. Just like that but there's some great ideas that we want to work on and kind of nurture them and kind of let them go. And I think the whole band it's kind of maturing. I know we're two albums plus in and so yeah it'll be exciting we have so many different ways we could go with it. So January, hopefully I'll be able to play guitar properly by then. And then 1st February I go to Dublin. So a lot of music on the horizon."

Def Leppard 2014 Recording

"We're gonna do a new Def Leppard - music, I don't know whether it's gonna be an album yet. It certainly won't be this - or next year even (2014) by the time we decide whether it's gonna be an album. It'll probably be the year after. But there's enough time gone by where we can get new stuff. You know we've been doing live things, we done the VIVA! Hysteria thing. There's not really been an album we've only had three songs out. So there's a wealth of material building up. I've got like - I've got an album's worth of Def Leppard stuff just on my own. And I know Joe has and Sav has so everyone's gonna bring things to the table and we'll see how it goes. Actually me and Joe have got this - a couple of ideas floating around that are very different but they stay within the structure of Def Leppard."

"I've got stuff that I've been playing to the guys for like three years. So you know and at a certain point you go well if we're not gonna use it then I'll use it for something else. If it works in that kind of structure. For me personally if you get excited over something you should probably follow it right then and there. So if anyone hears anything - the guys hear something in Def Leppard and they wanna do it they should actually mention it you know."

Manraze opening for Lep?

"We almost did it. They almost printed some posters up but the leg got cancelled. It was Def Leppard, Cheap Trick, Manraze. That would've been - I wanna say the end of 2009. Yeah cause we done the Alice Cooper tour instead."

Delta Deep Blues Album

"We've actually 11 songs that we're gonna be doing and that's amazing. I mean the fact that we've already started recording five of them or six and one's finished. One's 90 percent finished. And it was an EP but it's definitely gonna be an album now because we just got too many songs all of a sudden."