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Joe Elliott To Appear In The Bridge The Movie

Saturday, 1st February 2014

Joe Elliott.
Pic by The Bridge Movie

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott will appear in a new film called The Bridge The Movie and a photo from the production is available.

Writer/Director Bobby Field posted a photo of himself with Joe on Twitter in the last few days with Joe listed as playing the role of "Ziggy". This follows a now deleted tweet from 17th January where he announced Joe had "joined the cast". Another tweet showed a photo of Ricky Warwick who is listed as playing "Nathan".

According to the film's website it is a "coming-of-age, rock-n-roll drama that chronicles the unlikely rise of small town music prodigy Luke Weaver.".

The website has more info about the project, its soundtrack and production updates. However large or small his part this would be Joe's first acting role since appearing in a 2001 episode of sci-fi series Dark Realm called 'Johnny's Guitar' alongside Corey Feldman as the ghost of dead rock star Leon.

The Bridge The Movie - Film Synopsis

"The Bridge is a coming-of-age, rock-n-roll drama that chronicles the unlikely rise of small town music prodigy Luke Weaver. Ten years out of Twin Falls High and going nowhere fast, Luke watches his hometown band - and life as he knows it - crumble in front of him as his longtime best friend Scotty decides to move on, and move out.

No future in sight, Luke's despair plunges deeper with the arrival of some foundation-rocking news from a high school ex, and he turns to the only soul in the world he's got left: Natalie, friend since childhood... and Scotty's girlfriend. Carrying the weight of shadows from his past, he opens up to the light Natalie offers him, and faces his crippling fears as he embarks on a quest that will change his life forever. Falling in love as his music starts to speak, Luke reaches a crossroads from which there is no turning back: do what hes always done, or take the leap into unknown territory.

Driven by its powerfully moving original soundtrack, "The Bridge" portrays an arduous journey of the human spirit - through every bend and fork in the road - as it takes us across impassible divides we'd otherwise never cross. We all have that one particular bridge that will lead us to what we want (or think we want) the most... what's stopping you from crossing yours?"