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Band To Record 16 Songs For New Album

Monday, 24th February 2014

Vivian Campbell Sheffield 2008.
Pic by DefDazz/Darren

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell was recently interviewed by Overnight America and spoke about the current recording sessions for the next album.

The band plan to record up to 16 songs in all for use on the album that should be released early in 2015.

Vivian talked about the Slang Deluxe Edition, the original album, the music industry changing in 1996, his illness, the current Dublin album recording sessions, the 2014 tour and the Last In Line/Solo album recording plans.

The full 12 minute audio can be heard via the show page link.

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Overnight America - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

"We won't get a record done this year. We're never fast So you know this is just a first instalment. We're putting in about four to five weeks here total and then we'll get together again in May and do another three weeks. So it will be probably next year. In fact it will be before it's all done."

"But you know yeah we're gonna tour this summer we're just waiting for the final details."

New Def Leppard Writing/Musical Style

"It started out rock. We've got eight songs down at the moment and we're gonna try for sixteen to give us a good collection. And the first four songs that we slammed down came out really quick and they were basic rock songs. The one about how we're doing it over here is we're actually set up and playing in real time. Which is not something we normally do in fact it's something we haven't done since the Slang album. So and I know that most people think that that's how you do it but like I said Leppard in the studio is a very methodical band and normally we just do bit by bit one guy at a time. So for us to get together in a room and play together there's a certain energy that we capture. But we can only do that for the straight out rock songs."

"So the first four songs to come out were rock songs and then we're kinda starting to think about it a bit now where we can't do a full rock album we need to do something that represents you know something a bit more thoughtful. Maybe a a mid-tempo kind of a song you know then we start writing to order and this is where it gets difficult you know. We start thinking about it a lot. You know because we're not 18 any more so we're not gonna make a record like High 'N' Dry you know or On Through The Night. It's not gonna be straight out rock songs with lyrics about staying up all night drinking. It's gotta be something a little bit different. But at the same time you know we are a very powerful rock band when we play together so we are trying to capture as much of that as possible."