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Joe Elliott Says Appearing On Art Of McCartney Is An Honour - Audio

Monday, 1st December 2014

The Art Of McCartney 2014.
The Art of McCartney

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott and producer Ralph Sall were recently interviewed by KSHE 95 radio about The Art Of McCartney album.

Joe and Ralph talked about The Art Of McCartney tribute album, the other artists involved, how the album idea came about, how the songs were chosen, the various album formats, the 2015 studio album/tour and the Summer Tour 2014 with KISS.

The Art Of McCartney album was released on 17th/18th November.

Listen to the full 8 minute interview via the link below.

U-Man and Lern - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

Contributing To A Paul McCartney tribute Album

"Absolutely not. Of course not, why would you? You know you've got a career - most of the time people are just trying to get you to keep doing what you do over and over again. And you know keep furthering your own career. But to step aside and do little things like this now and again just freshens your whole psyche up a little bit I think. And it's also, you know if you want to bring ego into it, it kinda does make you feel a bit - an inch taller to think that you've been picked out of trillions of musicians there are around the world to get involved in this thing. When you look at the other talent on the record. People like Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys and Billy Joel and Alice Cooper, Cheap trick and Roger Daltrey, Ann Wilson. I mean it's just - it's an endless list of phenomenal musicians and the fact that Def Leppard get to do a song and I get to do a song with Paul's band it's just a phenomenal honour. It really is."

Picking The Songs

"Well Ralph gave us pretty much options - he can tell you this but certain songs lean towards certain people. And obviously we're a rock band and I'm a rock singer so I wanna do something kinda hardcore-ish you know but at the same time Def Leppard are a very commercial pop rock band so songs like Hi Hi Hi and Helen Wheels are just like almost written for us if you like. You know they were songs that I bought as a kid. I bought the seven inch singles of those records and I still own them. So they were just the perfect songs for us to do."