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Joe Elliott On Down 'n' Outz Rock And Roll Queen/Third Album

Wednesday, 16th April 2014

Down 'n' Outz 2014.

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott 's Down 'n' Outz released the Rock And Roll Queen single this week and Joe spoke to Eddie Trunk about this and the proposed third album.

The single taken from the new album The Further Adventures Of... is available to download now from iTunes.

Joe talked about the origin of the song in his Monday night interview with Eddie Trunk on SiriusXM radio. He also spoke about plans for the third Down 'n' Outz album that will feature all original material in the style of 70s bands.

The 'The Further Adventures Of..' features 12 tracks and is released on 21st/22nd April. The iTunes version includes two further bonus tracks.

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Eddie Trunk Live - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

Third Album

"We've already half written the third album you know so the next Down 'n' Outz album will be new material. This second record's taken two years to get out because as I mentioned before scheduling conflicts between the two bands. At least a year ago I was writing songs for the third album so by the time we get to record this third album some of these songs that we've written are gonna be two years old. And obviously they'll be the opportunity to either update them or just keep adding more. I think there's six demos I've done so far. But the thing is is that they're written in a style that's more suited to you know more akin to Mott The Hoople than say Def Leppard. In other words they're very seventies styled. You know they could be Elton John meets Mott meets early Queen. Lots of guitars but still lots of piano which is the big difference between the Down 'n' Outz and Def Leppard and so you know they're not old fashioned but they're certainly in the spirit of the seventies in the way that the Black Crowes were for example. Very Stones like or The Faces but still has a modern twist and that's what this will have when it finally comes out. But that's for another conversation."

Rock And Roll Queen Single

"Well it was the first thing that ever happened you know it was written by Mick Ralphs who as you know went on to form Bad Company with Paul Rodgers when Ralpher left Mott and Paul Rodgers left Free. The song dates back to 1969 in its original form. We haven't tried to change it too much we've just updated it a bit sonically if you like, it's bigger sounding. But that's down to the fact that I've got Pro Tools and they had a four track recorder and we just tried to put our own spin on it so it sounds like the Down 'n' Outz as opposed to like you know just ripping off Mott The Hoople. But it is essentially a Mott The Hoople song with just a bit more balls I'd say."