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Joe Elliott Talks Down 'N' Outz In Planet Rock Interview

Friday, 11th April 2014

Down 'N' Outz 2014.
Pic by Mailboat Records

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was interviewed earlier today on Planet Rock a to promote the Down 'N' Outz album The Further Adventures Of and audio is available.

Joe talked about opening for Mott The Hoople, the second Down 'N' Outz album 'The Further Adventures Of', its cover art, the success of the first album 'My ReGeneration', the third album of original material, his reasons for recording old Mott/Ian Hunter material, possibly playing at Planet Rockstock 2014, the Emm Gryner collaboration album, Vivian's health/back surgery, the next Def Leppard studio album/February session and UK live shows in 2015.

The 'The Further Adventures Of' features is released on 22nd April. Listen to the interview at Planet Rock.

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Planet Rock - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

"But the third album will be the tricky one because we've written it. It's half written already as well."

So you've half-written a third album.

"I have. I had a little purple patch. When my wife takes the kid to the park. I've got the house to myself. I was sitting at the piano. This was like last September or whatever and all of a sudden I just started writing all these things. The great thing you see when you're in one band you kind of try and write stuff to suit whatever band you're in. And all of a sudden I've got three different projects on the go. I've got the Down 'N' Outz, Def Leppard and this Canadian songstress called "EMM GRYNER". Myself and her are doing a kind of a Hunky Dory version of Plant and Krauss. Robert and Alison Krauss. Nut more of a kind of a glam - you know acoustic thing like Hunky Dory. But it's sadly on the back burner because there's just too much going on in my life at the moment. But you sit down and you write stuff oh I couldn't do that for Leppard it doesn't work. But it might work for this or it might work for that. And I just started writing and all these songs were coming out of me and I'm like going this is great for the Down 'N' Outz."

"These are epic or you know seventies style piano driven rock and roll. Still guitars, drums and bass of course but written on a piano. And so I've got like five or six songs. I demoed them. I sent them to the guys and they're all like raving about them. So I said right now it's your turn. We know what direction we're going in it's Hoople-esque sounding. It has to be. Write some stuff that doesn't sound like The Quireboys and we'll have an album. So I want it to be a team effort it's not a Joe Elliott solo record. The Down 'N' Outz is - I couldn't do it without those guys. They're - you only have to listen to this record. Phil Martini's drumming is just beyond brilliant. And there's a guitar solo on our version of a song called The Journey. Not only is it one take. It's first take from Paul Guerin and Ian when he was talking to me on the phone. Ian Hunter he said it's one of the best solos he's ever heard in his life. Me and Ronan the co-producer of the album sat with Paul in the control room while he played it and we were just sat there with our jaws on the ground when he played this thing. Phenomenal so it's a team effort it really is. I might be the captain but it's a team."

"And it's the first ever non-Leppard release on Bludgeon Riffola."