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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Phil Collen On Summer Tour 2014/Delta Deep Album - Audio

Saturday, 26th April 2014

Phil Collen Sheffield 2008.
Pic By DefDazz/Darren

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed by WGRF 97 Rock radio on 21st April and to promote the Summer Tour 2014 and Delta Deep.

Phil talked about Summer Tour 2014 tour with KISS, the 2015 studio album, recording on tour, how the tour came about, touring w/ KISS in Girl, the Delta Deep album/tour and the charity work on the 2014 tour.

Listen to the full 6 minute interview via the link below.

JP/WGRF - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Summer Tour 2014

"Obviously KISS they're renowned for you know having just amazing shows. That's their whole thing so I think it's gonna be a great thing. It's gonna be a great night. Everyone knows all the songs, there's hits galore. KISS's show is amazing and our show is amazing."

2015 Album/No New Songs On Tour

"We're also in the of recording a new album. We actually was gonna be doing just like an EP or a few songs but then we got 11 songs started so we thought you know what we're gonna turn it into an album. So between that and the tour we're actually probably gonna be recording some of that while we're on tour as well."

"We wanna save it because we've got some really diverse, cool stuff and we just wanna save it for when we release it which'll be next year."

Delta Deep Album

"I'm also working on an extreme Blues album called Delta Deep. It's me, it's Robert Deleo from Stone Temple Pilots on bass. Forrest Robinson who played for the Crusaders who's just this outrageous drummer and Debbi Blackwell-Cook. It sounds like Patti LaBelle or Chaka Khan singing over Led Zeppelin. That's really what it sounds like so we're loving it. That'll be (release) Fall probably - because we're just doing finishing touches on the record this week. Actually tomorrow I'm going with Robert and he's doing some more bass on it and we've done a lot of stuff already. And Debbi Blackwell-Cook you know I've worked with her - she's a 60 year old woman - she has an amazing voice so it's really high powered, high energy and it's called Delta Deep. So yeah I think that'll be out and we're gonna tour it straight away so that'll be probably Fall."