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Joe Elliott Down 'n' Outz Creative Loafing Interview

Friday, 25th April 2014

Down 'n' Outz 2014.

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott has been interviewed by Creative Loafing about the second Down 'n' Outz album The Further Adventures Of... and the next Lep album.

Joe talked about the new Down 'n' Outz album, the proposed third album of original material, Ian Hunter/Mott The Hoople, the Summer Tour 2014 with KISS, the 2015 studio album and The Def Leppard E.P.

The The Further Adventures Of... features 12 tracks was released this week. The iTunes version includes two further bonus tracks.

Creative Loafing - Joe Elliott Interview Quote

2015 Def Leppard Studio Album

"Absolutely not now, because we won't even finish it til next year. But if we can get it finished early next year, we can get it out for summer, in time for a tour next year. That's always been our plan, but of course we've said that before with Hysteria. It was going to come out in 1985 (laughs). I wouldn't hold your breath."