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Thursday, 4th September 2014

Mexico City, Mexico - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Sarai_G

Thursday, September 4. It's been two years since we had Def Leppard in our Country, with their "Rock of ages Tour". As always, fans are excited to receive them, nevertheless, this time it's different, they are closing the summer Tour, it has been an epic event, despite the fact they did a lot of shows with another great band, they seem so fresh and ready to "set this town alight". Not even the cold weather, nor the rain, could stop a die hard fan to "Rock on".

21:30 hrs; people is excited, and in the back, we can hear "Won't get fooled again", so our hearts start beating. The lights went off, the crowd applauds and bursts into a scream of excitement... and finally, Def Leppard is on the stage. And along with the vibrating sound of "Let it go", the place is full of energy. You can not tell; 30 years have passed, this band sounds better than ever.

Leading vocalist Joe Elliot; said "From the front, to the top, we want to see some hands in the air", and just like that, we hear Action and Animal. As previous times, Joe has been characterized by his good intentions, trying to communicate in Spanish with their fans and thank them all the time for their enthusiasm: "Muchas gracias amigos" he said on several occasions. After this great start, the band invites us on a journey to 1993 with the Pyromania album, and after listening to a classic like "Foolin'", we find some surprises, like "Promises".

Nothing could be better, we are bombarded with classics like "Love Bites, Armageddon it and Make Love like a Man". Suddenly, the traditional acoustic set, invades our senses, and with the sweet sound of the strings played perfectly and the heavenly voice of Joe, another surprise; we listen from start to finish "Two steps behind", and Bringin' on the Heartbreak", and there is no way to describe the flawless performance of Sav, Viv and Phil with "Switch". And the emotional standing ovation that "our wounded warrior" Rick, received.

There is simply no way to calm the spirits of the hundreds of fans that with the adrenalin to its maximum, they let their selves to be wrapped by the incredible sounds of "Hysteria and Rocket". And all of the sudden, Joe Elliot asked: "México City: Do you wanna get rocked"?, and continue with "Pour Some Sugar On Me".

Just when everything has been perfect, they are gone, leaving their fans wanting more. The huge applause and not stop screaming, have their reward, because they give us an amazing end: "Rock Of Ages and Photograph", and all that, left us in the mouth an amazing flavor. There is no doubt, Def Leppard is like good wine; it gets even better with the time, AND THAT'S A FACT!

"Buenas noches amigos, it has been a great pleasure to be here tonight". "Until next time, and there will be a next time, do not forget us, because we won't forget you".

Thank you guys, you rocked our world That Night.


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