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Phil Collen Radioscreamer Audio Interview/Transcript

Thursday, 21st November 2013

Phil Collen Sheffield 2008.
Pic By DefDazz/Darren

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed by Radioscreamer last night and the full audio is available along with quotes.

Phil mentioned the possible second Las Vegas residency and new recording plans.

He talked about his hand surgery, not being able to play guitar or train, Vivian's health, VIVA! Hysteria residency, the CD/DVD release, Manraze's name and formation, recording a new album in January, Def Leppard studio work, albums and EPs, the Delta Deep blues album (recording guitars/vocals), Manraze tour plans, Paul Cook/Simon Laffy's outside activities, writing new music, a new re-recording of Love Bites, the possibility of a second Las Vegas residency for Pyromania and his autobiography/future plans.

Radioscreamer - Phil Collen Interview Highlights Transcript

Def Leppard/Manraze 2014 Recording Plans

"If you wait for an album sometimes it takes a long time you know you've gotta get all the songs together, You've gotta record them, you've got a budget and there's a lot going on with it. I think it's kind of cool in this day and age when people don't really buy albums any more. They just want to hear songs. It was great to do that and we wanted it to be more than one song so we put the extra tracks on. And it worked out great we are gonna be writing and recording some new stuff come January. You know my hand should be a lot better by then so we'll go in to do that and then 1st February we actually go in to the studio in Dublin at Joe's place and start on new Def Leppard stuff as well. Same thing you know we're just gonna write, record and take it lie that you know. Instead of going oh we're doing an album which they'll probably be an album but but you know we're just - we're not kind of like saying that's exactly what it's gonna be. It's kind of just wide open which is kinda nice."

Love Bites Re-Record

"We also - we done a couple of Def Leppard re-records, Pour Some Sugar On Me and - we actually started Love Bites so I was doing. I done some guitars on it earlier on and I actually just about two weeks ago started on doing all the backing vocals of which there's many indeed. You know so I've been singing. I've actually been keeping handy now and I actually learnt slide guitar so a track on Delta Deep is all slide guitar and I actually recorded that and that's sounds killer so I would've never have done that had I you know had this operation. So that was a lot of fun and it was great to learn guitar again. It was just a very cool thing."

Second Las Vegas Residency

"Yeah. We actually got asked to do it in January which I had to decline because of my hand but yeah it would be wonderful. And it'd be good to do a different album. Like VIVA! Pyromania would be obviously - the obvious one."

2014 Autobiography

"I'm doing a book as well there's an autobiography and I'm doing it with Chris Epting who's a writer here in California who's amazing so yeah that'll be out hopefully some time next year. So we're working on that we've got a bunch of that finished already."