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Phil Collen On Bret Michaels Jammin' Wth Friends CD

Tuesday, 21st May 2013

Jammin' With Friends 2013.

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen features on the upcoming Bret Michaels album Jammin' With Friends.

The album has undergone various name and release date changes and is currently scheduled for 25th June.

It was originally titled 'Get Your Rock On' and changed to 'Good Songs & Great Friends'. Guitarist Sal Costa discussed Phil's input on the project in an interview with Examiner in early 2012.

Phil recorded the guitar solo and backing vocals for the song 'Get Your Rock On' which was released as a download single in January 2012. It was also reworked and retitled as Get Your Ride On for the US Supercross championships. Both versions are included on the album.

These songs were already released in January 2012 as digital downloads. Listen to clips below.

Examiner - Sal Costa 2012 Interview Quotes

"Myself and Phil Collen from Def Leppard recently did feature guitars on Bret Michaels' new record. Bret called and asked if I wanted to play guitar on the first single, Phil is going to be on it, and the first thing you think is, Yeah, let's all go in the studio together and record this! In reality, Phil is in the U.K., Bret's on the road, I'm at my house and everyone is sending files to each other."

"I've had Def Leppard records forever, so I was very familiar with Phil's epic guitar solos and with him as a player. Bret called me first and I laid all my guitar parts down first, which was weird, because I expected Phil to do his parts first and me work around him. Instead, he filled in the empty spaces in the song, and it was really cool that he took what was mine and worked with it. There are some parts where I'm playing slide guitar and a breakdown, and when I sent it off to Bret and he sent it back with Phil's part, he harmonized that and that was my part! I created that part and Phil Collen is playing harmony guitar with that part! So it was a really cool experience to see him work on something I had already worked on. I learned a lot just by listening to what he did."

Thanks to Robert.