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Joe Elliott 6 Songs Into Solo Album With Emm Gryner

Friday, 3rd May 2013

Joe Elliott Sheffield 2008.
Pic by DefDazz/Darren

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott has six songs finished for a solo album he is recording with Canadian singer Emm Gryner.

It would appear Vegas Rocks magazine misheard Joe's accent and thought he said 'Andrina' which of course is easily mistaken for Emm GrYner...(AndrYna would've made more sense - since 'Andrina' reads as 'AndrEEna').

TK 99 radio DJ Rick Deyulio announced last night he would be interviewing Joe today. He was kind enough to ask a question for me about this collaboration first mentioned yesterday (now edited) whilst talking to Joe on the phone earlier tonight.

Joe in fact is working on an album with "Emm Gryner" (GrY not GrEE)who you will remember covered 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' as a sultry piano ballad on her 2001 album 'Girl Versions' and appeared on the 2006 YEAH! covers album. Joe also guested on her re-record of the song 'Almighty Love' from the 'Gem and I' album of 2010. As explained below they are six songs into an album that is influenced heavily by the style of David Bowie's 1971 album 'Hunky Dory' with six or seven songs completed.

Below is a portion of the radio interview conducted just over two hours ago which has not yet been aired. Rick gave permission for this to be quoted and as you can see it clears things up a bit! :). The full interview is due to be played when the band are in town for the show in Canandaigua, NY in mid-July.

We'll overlook the fact I asked Joe who Andrina was in the twitter chat last night (hope Joe isn't referring to that below...!), and tweeted a Canadian singer actually named Andrina (...).

TK99 Radio Interview - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

One more question I have for you that came to me from a fan off of twitter and the person asked me if I would ask you for a little more information about the collaboration you're doing with the Canadian singer Andrina?

"Yeah, that's a misinterpretation of something I said. Her name is Emm Gryner. E.M.M. and her surname is G.R.Y.N.E.R - Emm Gryner. Yeah I was surprised I thought who's Andrina. I thought maybe they thought I'd said I'd got Angina. I mean I don't know where they got Andrina from - no it's Emm Gryner. Maybe they just didn't understand my Yorkshire accent.

Is that something that we'll see sometime soon?

"Eventually it will yeah. She's very busy with children at the moment. In fairness so am I but yeah when we get time on our hands - basically what we're doing is I've known Emm since 1999 when she was singing backing vocals for David Bowie. And we've been friends ever since and she's a fantastic songwriter, singer songwriter. I'm trying to think of, there's no particular vein, she's not like Kate Bush, she's not like Tori Amos, she's more open than that. She's not as kind of - you can't pigeon hole her but she's got about ten or eleven albums out. She's a fantastic singer songwriter and we're both fans of the kind of Hunky Dory period David Bowie stuff so we decided we'd do an album together where we kind of both sing lead on the odd song or duet on the odd one."

"And I've been writing the music and she's been writing the lyrics. We've been doing it the other way around to what I normally do. And we've come up with about six songs so far and it's a timeless project it's nothing that's you know - there's a massive rush to get out there but it's really intriguing. It's very interesting and very, very different to anything that I've ever done before. So that's the big appeal to me. So it will see the light of day very soon, as I said we've got six, seven songs on the go. We need a few more and then we'll have an album."

Many thanks to Rick for helping to clear that up!.

More on this radio interview tomorrow. Emm has just released a new video called 'Math Wiz' from a forthcoming album called 'Music For Scholars'. Watch the video on YouTube.