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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Phil Collen/Delta Deep Radioscreamer Interview/Quotes

Thursday, 12th December 2013

Phil Collen Sheffield 2008.
Pic By DefDazz/Darren

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed by Radioscreamer last night and the full audio is available along with quotes.

Phil performed live as Delta Deep with singer Debbi Blackwell-Cook and drummer/percussionist Forrest Robinson. Phil was playing electric guitar in public for the first time since his hand surgery.

A rough mix of studio track 'Miss Me' was played alongside a live version of 'Burnt Sally'. The first time studio or live songs have played by the band. The rest of the songs were from Manraze along with two covers.

They talked talked about about Forrest Robinson and Debbi's backgrounds, Japanese live audiences, the Delta Deep band, the song Muddy Water Blues, performing/writing songs, the Delta Deep studio album, learning slide guitar, meeting BB King, guitar influences, Summer 2014 for the studio album, what music means to the band members, touring plans and Rick Allen's drumming.

Radioscreamer - Phil Collen Interview Highlights Transcript

Miss Me (Rough Mix)

"It's very rough. It's actually me playing bass on there as well. And Forrest hasn't done his drums on it yet so it's very rough. It sounds cool and the guitars are cool and Debbi sounds killer. So we got that a lot of the stuff you know we do we duet it. One of us would take the first verse and the other takes a second verse and we both sing on the chorus so. And then we split on other songs it's just mainly one person but it's a bit of both that's the great thing about not having anything cast in stone. Anyone can actually do that and we dig that."

Delta Deep Studio Album

"Yeah I would think probably summer 2014. I would think. "

Delta Deep Studio Album Released On Own Label?

"We're not even sure yet we're just getting the stuff done and then yeah we'll see where we go with that."

Delta Deep Touring Plans

"We're actually gonna take it out and there's some other people who are gonna be involved as well."