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Phil Collen Reveals More Delta Deep Album Guests

Saturday, 28th December 2013

Phil Collen 2013.
Screenshot by DefDazz/Darren

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen has revealed more guest musicians for the Delta Deep blues album including Stone Temple Pilots bassist Robert Deleo.

Phil revealed on 13th December that Robert would play on some songs and has now revealed ho this came about. He also mentioned other guests including Simon/Paul from Manraze and his writing partner C.J. Vanston.

Phil talked to Artisan News in a video which can be seen below.

Artisan News - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Delta Deep Album Guests

"We've got a drummer Forrest Robinson who's just a phenomenal player. We done some live performance the other day and he actually played cajon drums and percussion and it actually sounded like there were three drummers there you know. And us singing and playing guitar as well. So he's gonna be playing drums. Paul Cook and Simon Laffy from Manraze - actually we've already recorded one song for Delta Deep and they're actually on it as well so that's really cool."

"And Robert from Stone Temple Pilots, Robert Deleo is gonna be playing on some stuff as well so you know we're just forming it. It's very, very natural, It's like just people we wanna play with. A friend of mine C.J. Vanston. Who used to be the top session guy in Chicago. You know he's played with Barbara Streisand, Carol King - you name it he's just done everything. Tina Turner, Dolly Parton, N'SYNC - he's just non stop he just produced Steve Lukather's album from Toto. He's a great keyboard player. He's actually playing on it as well."

Robert Deleo Involvement

"A friend of ours Chris Epting. I'm actually doing a book. Me and Helen are going over the stuff but Chris Epting is actually it was his idea. He's authoring and said you should do a book and I said really?. And he said yeah, yeah so we started and it's fantastic that's gonna be out next year, And he said have you ever met Robert Deleo from Stone Temple Pilots. So I said no and they're one of my favourite rock bands certainly from the 90s you know. I just loved STP, got all their albums and he hooked us up and we started having these great conversations about mutual appreciation for funk and blues and soul and all of this stuff which is very - I didn't expect that and vice versa you know. I played him some of the stuff so at some point - we've never actually played together yet but obviously I know his stuff inside out and now I know he has this great love for what we do and everything it's gonna be a blast can't wait for that."

955 KLOS - Phil Collen 13th December Interview Quote

Guest Bass Player

"The band's really coming together there's three of us there's Forrest Robinson. We've also got - I probably shouldn't say this yet but Robert Deleo from Stone Temple Pilots is gonna be playing bass on some of the stuff as well."