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Joe Elliott's Christmas Day BBC Radio 4 Audio

Monday, 23rd December 2013

Joe Elliott Sheffield 2008.
Pic by DefDazz/Darren

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was interviewed by BBC Radio 4 programme You And Yours about his Christmas and the audio is available plus a transcript.

Joe's short 2 minute interview was played during the show on Friday 20th during a feature about bands selling Christmas merchandise.

Joe talked about the Christmas Baubles the band sell and went on to describe his own family Christmas at home with his wife and now four year old son.

Use the link below to listen again to the interview clip from 16:22mins in and lasts for just over 2 mins.

You And Yours/BBC Radio 4 - Joe Elliott Interview Transcript

DJ - "Well Def Leppard is selling Santa hats, baubles and stockings. Well I spoke to their lead singer Joe Elliott and I asked him when his band had started selling this stuff."

Joe Elliott - "About two of three years ago. We just got this random email from our merchandise company and they said do you guys wanna do Christmas ornaments and stuff. I mean I think we just all had a good giggle and said well why not. The Beatles sold everything. You know I mean you look back now at the days of when the Beatles were at their prime and you could buy Beatle dolls..."

DJ - "Absolutely. I'm afraid I remember it."

Joe - "...Beatles tiles- bathroom tiles and bath mats and a shower cap."

DJ - "So you don't think in fact it's just a response to the fact that maybe it's harder now to sell records and things."

Joe - "No. I never saw it as cynical as that. To me it was more like just like if there was a cynicism involved it was more just cashing in on Christmas you know. I've got the ones that hang on the Christmas Tree they're brilliant. We don't do it to subsidise our lack of income through selling records any more. It's just something extra for the fans to buy if they want it. If they don't want them they don't buy them."

DJ - "But is it a big seller?."

Joe - "I actually have never asked. I mean it's big in my house cause every year we carefully wrap them back up and put them away for a year they come back out the next next. "

DJ - "So do you put your own stuff on your own Christmas Tree then?."

Joe - "Well of course I do because they're comical if nothing else. You know when you have your friends round and they're just innocently staring at your tree and they go Have you got Def Leppard baubles?. And you just kind of grin and go Yep. "

DJ - "So who puts it up at your house do you do it."

Joe - "My wife. She puts it up like middle of November and it stays up till like February."

DJ - "So you don't lend a hand Joe?"

Joe - "Oh I lend a hand with the heavy stuff like standing the tree up and stuff like that. "

DJ - "Can I ask what your Christmas Day involves. Any rock and roll shenanigans?."

Joe - "Not really no. I've got a four year old so it's mostly him just learning the experience of Santa and I'll just get a pair of Argyle soaks and a scarf I would imagine. Which I will never wear."

DJ - "That will come as a terrible shock to some of your fans that I think."

Joe - "Well I don't know you know I mean how many leather jackets can a wife buy me. I've got that many that I don't need any more."