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News - Def Leppard YouTube Presents Joe/Sav Interview Video

Friday, 8th June 2012

Rick Savage/Joe Elliott 2012.
Screenshot by DefDazz/Darren

A new video interview with Def Leppard members Joe Elliott and Rick Savage has been posted online by YouTube Presents.

The 25 minute video was shot as they filmed the preview video for the concert and Q And A which took place on 6th June. View the full video below.

Joe/Sav discuss their music being used in the film, why it wasn't in the play, watching Tom Cruise on set, the origin of 'Gunter Glieben Glouten Globen', their own Spinal Tap moments, the most talented musicians they've worked with outside of the band, music critics, other bands that influence them like Muse and Arcade Fire and the Punk bands in the late 70s.

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