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News - Def Leppard 2012 Nashville, TN Online Review 2

Saturday, 7th July 2012

Rock Of Ages Tour 2012.

Def Leppard played the 9th show of the Rock Of Ages Tour 2012 in Nashville, TN on 3rd July and the second online review has been posted.

Examiner have posted a review of the latest show which took place at Bridgestone Arena.

Visit the show page to get all the details of this show.

Examiner - Online Review Quote

"As the minutes faded away to seconds, the house lights dimmed once again. Like the legends they are, Def Leppard made no ordinary appearance. Lights began flashing as music filled the air. Instantly, the banner was illuminated and released, falling to the ground revealing five plasma screens, a large stage setup, and the band everyone had been waiting for all evening."

Read the full review at -

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