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News - Joe Elliott Fireworks Magazine Interview

Monday, 13th June 2011 | 


Joe Elliott talked to Fireworks magazine recently and explained what actually happened at the High Voltage festival in 2010.

Joe also talked about supporting Paul Rodgers with the Down 'N Outz and the new Def Leppard studio tracks. The magazine have posted a sample of the interview online and the full version can be found inside the new issue.

Fireworks Magazine - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

High Voltage 2010?

"I had all sorts of people saying to them “let me tell you what really happened here…!” and were in my defence, so they ended up having the guy removed who had started the whole thing, who went for me. He was removed instead of me. It was insane, but we made page 3 of the Sun and I didn’t even have to get my tits out or anything!"

Read the full interview at -

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