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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Def Leppard Live At Download - Live Blog/Setlist Updates

Friday, 10th June 2011 | 


Def Leppard play their third Mirrorball show tonight at the Download Festival in England. This page will feature updates as and when they happen from this show including the setlist.

Keep hitting F5 (refreshing the page) for more updates. UK fan Lee is at the show and will be giving setlist updates/live pics for those of us who weren't able to go. I think this blog will be the best of the three.

The main show page will be updated with a setlist and any reviews/pics after the show. Any contributions are welcomed.

Live Blog - Donington 2011 Show | #mirrorball

11:16pm - Many thanks to Lee for taking the time to send his pics/updates whilst in the front rows and the rain!

11:13pm - I'm assuming Lee is making his way home but you never know, maybe one more update?. Other sources mention ROA so safe to assume the set was the same just without MLLAM. Will update again if Lee sends anything but feel free to leave. Is anyone actually reading this?! :)

11:01pm - From elsewhere Lep have finished but we'll give this some more time and maybe another update from Lee unless he's fallen in a puddle.

10:56pm - Random online quote - Dan Weller - "Watching def leppard at download. Unbelievable. Tightest band ever. Absolutely blown away.".

10:47pm - Setlist recap - Animal and Photograph would have been done before PSSOM.

10:45pm - Another pic from Lee - Sugar being poured (and rain).

10:42pm - From Lee - "Doing Sugar".

10:41pm - Another pic from our star fan Lee (one wasn't enough really was it?).

10:34pm - From elsewhere they've done Armageddon It, so that would mean BOTH/Switch 625, Rocket, Hysteria before that.

10:30pm - Update - Lep due to finish at 10:50pm if on time. Another possible update before the end so don't leave just yet. BTW - NO, i'm not doing this from a US show! But certainly another UK show if they come back this year (just not from the ones I'm attending). Maybe another Rick Allen moment to come soon?

10:17pm - A media pic.

10:15pm - And the media pics are already online (they only get to shoot 3 songs) - pic to follow.

10:10pm - OK we won't get many pics so a close up of the last one.

10:04pm - Therefore with no MLLAM it's song 7 - 'Sav Bass Solo/Rock On'/Song 8 - 'Two Steps Behind'. Lee, I never lost faith.

10:04pm - Def Leppard song 6 - 'Love Bites'.

10:00pm - Pic from Lee, 10pm on the dot first LIVE pic from live show as it's happening - TSB.

9:58pm - From Lee - "Same set except MLLAM is dropped... 2 Steps at moment" - first pic to follow :)

9:53pm - Or to put it another way - the setlist so far - Def Leppard song 5 - 'Foolin''.

9:53pm - Def Leppard song 4 - 'Let It Go'.

9:53pm - Def Leppard song 2 - 'Action/Song 3 'Let's Get Rocked'.

9:53pm - Def Leppard song 1 - 'Undefeated'.

9:50pm - From elsewhere, 'Undefeated' did open. 'Let It Go' was played followed by 'Foolin'' - same set.

9:48pm - Another Update - DL were due to be over by 10:50pm UK time. If we only get one pic in the next hour that's still something. I know i'd rather watch the show than send msgs. But don't give up just yet :) Lee did say he'd maybe update every two or three songs, guessing it's the same setlist.

9:35pm - Food break here - nothing to report yet. BIBLICAL torrential rain down this way - hope they didn't get this up there. Lee may be drowning!

9:29pm - Well, it's pissing down (with rain) here - hopefully not up there. Keep in mind Lee is in the front rows of a rock festival so he may be otherwise occupied.

9:25pm - Another video?. Don't watch for too long - keep refreshing.

9:20pm - Me - Lee didn't say the song but I added this bit anyway for effect - da da da da da dadadada CHA!. Just thinking they might have not started at exactly 9pm after all. Stand by for a pic or two (hopefully).

9:18pm - Lee - "Here we go!!!!! It's raining but Def LEPPARD hit the stage :D who cares about the weather" - 'Undefeated' - da da da da da dadadada CHA!.

9:11pm - While we wait - the stage when The Darkness were on from elsewhere.

9:01pm - OK probably started now - give Lee a chance to enjoy the songs and we'll hear about the setlist every few songs or so and maybe a few 'live' pics.

8:50pm - T-minus 10 mins and counting.

8:45pm - Pic from Lee stage is set - 15 mins count down :).

8:30pm - Lee quote "On Phil's side..... 30 mins to Def Leppard!!!".

8:17pm - Lee says The Darkness were great! used pyro and Leps up next!.

8:10pm - Update - The Darkness finish at 8:20pm, Lep at 9pm so things should get going as we get nearer. Probably no setlist surprises but as you can see, some good pics at least.

7:55pm - A screenshot from that interview? OK then.

7:47pm - A better video. Def Leppard blog? - Def Leppard interview with Joe Elliott. Don't forget to keep refreshing. Lep in 1hour 10mins or so.

7:07pm - Another pic from Lee - The Darkness stage being set up.

7:04pm - Another pic from Lee - a plane.

7:00pm - Lee says The Darkness next, it was raining for a bit, brigtening up again.

6:55pm - Another random web pic while we wait. Main Stage on 8th June. Lee must be right on the barrier on Phil's side judging by his pics so far. (scroll down for live pics of Viv w/ TL)

6:33pm - Just to clear up something else mentioned on the Dublin Live Blog - Luca did mention booing when the Union Jack flags were up on the screen before the encores. Paul Reynolds, who sent in the first Dublin pics, explained via email what actually happened - view the pic below (courtesy of his brother).


"Union Jack flags started scrolling downwards. A small section of the crowd (the idiot section) started to Boo, until they realised they were Union Jacks alright, but in the Irish flag colours (Green,white and gold), I never seen Boo's to die away so quickly and embarrassingly!"

6:25pm - We're not missing much, Alter Bridge, The Darkness start at 7:20pm UK time. Here's the show poster.

6:01pm - Our mate Lee is somewhere way down there by that stage.

5:49pm - Random update - Rick Allen was born in Derbyshire, the county where Donington is, so technically this is his home town show, not Sheffield which is in Yorkshire, a different county (US ppl County = State, without the capital cities). BTW stage times below and the story so far + pics. This time we'll have pics as the show is happening.

5:27pm - More from Lee and a pic - Vivian joined TL for 'The Boys Are Back In Town'. Quote from me "Is this cool or what?".

5:15pm - Lee update - Vivian about to join Thin Lizzy on stage.

5:01pm - More from Lee and a pic - Thin Lizzy have started. Lee quote "Viv's guitar and monkey seen in stage. A guest appearance?".

5:00pm - OK we are LIVE and free to update from now until the show ends at 10:50pm and maybe a while after that. We have a our roving reporter in place, Lee, taking over from Luca (Ciao! if you are reading this) - let the madness begin!.

4:28pm - News story about last night's award speech here - and a quote from the Thundergod about 2009's show:

"The audience's reaction was incredible and it will always be an emotional time for me because it was really a turning point in my life."

3:48pm - OK these are the stage times for the rest of today - BSC 3:40-4:25pm, Thin Lizzy 4:50-5:35pm, Alter Bridge 6-6:50pm, The Darkness 7:20-8:20pm, Lep from 9-10:50pm. Let's Rock!

3:45pm - More from Lee and a pic - Black Stone Cherry have started. Notice the Mirrorball at the top of the stage.

3:07pm - Me again, more pics added below from the Def Leppard backstage area - no more from Lee just yet but it's still early. More later.

1:30pm - Another pic, from the backstage area for Def Leppard. More sporadic pics and updates later.
1. 1. 1. 1.

1:30pm - The first pic from Lee who is stage front already!. Lep screens in place for later.

1:30pm - A fellow UK fan named Lee is already on the front barrier (now that's how you live blog!) and has even sent a pic. I will also drop onto this page throughout the day to post pics/mini updates before the blog really goes live at 5pm-ish. I also have some cool pics of the Def Leppard backstage area to post. First one above.

1:30pm - Blog is now LIVE. If you see any news/updates online about the show please contribute.

As with the first two blogs - new updates will appear above this, each with a new time. Refresh to keep seeing them.