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News - Joe Elliott/Rick Savage In Download Preview Video

Thursday, 9th June 2011 | 

Sav/Joe 2011.

Joe Elliott and Rick Savage spoke to NME magazine recently to give a preview of the Download Festival performance that takes place tomorrow.

They talk about the festival performance, playing with The Darkness, Mirrorball, the new studio songs.

NME - Def Leppard's Guide To Download Festival 2011

NME - Joe Elliott/Rick Savage Interview Quotes

"Download for the second time in three years, brilliant!. Wehn Andy Copping's promoter got in touch with us and said 'Do you fancy headlining the Friday night?'. We were like going 'wow, yeah!'. The last time we did it we hadn't been there for 23 years, now we're back two years later."

"But the thing about 2009 it was right at the end of the Sparkle Lounge tour. This time round it's right at the beginning. We've got a Dublin and a Belfast shows to play and then we're straight over for Download. So it's pretty exciting for us actually to be doing this gig. Just as the album's about to come out."

Def Leppard are due on stage at around 9pm tomorrow night, playing until 10:50pm (ish). There will be another live setlist update blog here at around 5-6pm (UK time) onwards. No Luca this time but a few UK Lep fans that will hopefully give us the details as it happens and (no promises) maybe even a live pic or two as the show is happening this time. And personally speaking - maybe they'll confirm a UK tour for the end of the year on stage, would be the perfect place.

Watch the 4 minute video at -

Def Leppard Mirrorball Tour - Donington 2011 Show Page