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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
News - Def Leppard Live In Dublin/Mirrorball - Live Blog/Setlist Updates

Wednesday, 8th June 2011 | 


Def Leppard play their second Mirrorball show tonight in Dublin, Ireland. This page will feature updates as and when they happen from this show including the setlist.

Feel free to make any comments below if you use facebook. Keep hitting F5 (refreshing the page) for more updates. Luca is at the show again and may give more setlist updates/post pics.

The main show page will be updated with a setlist and any reviews/pics after the show. Any contributions are welcomed.

Live Blog - Dublin 2011 Show | #mirrorball

12:14am - And once again that's all folks. Many thanks to Luca - safe travels back to Milan!. Over to UK fans for Donington on Friday. See Ya!

12:07am - Luca says "Kings Of The World!! But just from the PA". Big thanks to Luca again.

12:05am - Random Tour Fact - They last played 'Wasted' in Dublin on 11th February 2003 on the X/Ten tour.

12:02am - Def Leppard song 20 - 'Wasted' ends the show again. Kicking it old school.

11:58pm - Wasted to finish again? BTW On Friday they are on stage from 9-10:50pm UK time. Earlier than these first two shows. Far more civilised time!.

11:56pm - Def Leppard song 19 - 'When Love & Hate Collide' - first encore song.

11:56pm - Keyboards on stage for 'When Love & Hate Collide' so pretty sure Dick Decent has been a guest for two nights in a row.

11:54pm - British flags on the screens after ROA as you might have seen from last night.

11:51pm - Def Leppard song 18 - 'Rock Of Ages' ends main set.

11:47pm - Def Leppard song 17 - 'Pour Some Sugar On Me'. Main set almost done.

11:38pm - Def Leppard song 16 - 'Photograph'. Luca's quote "Jumping, Jumping, Jumping!". I think he's enjoying it :) And why not?!

11:38pm - Def Leppard song 15 - 'Animal'.

11:38pm - Def Leppard song 14 - 'Armageddon It'.

11:30pm - Random update - listening to 'Undefeated' again from last night. Think it's sounds much better with Rick's live drum sound.

11:25pm - Def Leppard song 13 - 'Hysteria'.

11:18pm - Def Leppard song 12 - 'Rocket (Extended Version)'. Phil/Viv soloing away.

11:08pm - Def Leppard song 11 - 'Switch 625' - Belfast/Dublin - one and the same right?...

11:08pm - Def Leppard song 10 - 'Bringin' On The Heartbreak'.

11:02pm - Joe Elliott on stage quote "DUBLIN do you wanna join the band?". Luca says they do/did!.

11:00pm - Def Leppard song 8 - 'Sav Bass Solo/Rock On'/Song 9 - 'Two Steps Behind'.

10:58pm - Random update from Blabbershite - "DEF LEPPARD's new live album, "Mirror Ball", is likely to sell between 15,000 and 20,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release, according to industry web site Hits Daily Double."

10:51pm - Def Leppard song 7 - 'Love Bites'.

10:45pm - Def Leppard song 5 - 'Foolin''. Song 6 - 'Make Love Like A Man' - No kiss tonight says Luca (relieved?) - yes I can spell.

10:43pm - BTW The live blog idea sort of came from Coldplay's site. And by chance they are doing another from their third show of the year tomorrow in Italy (where Luca is from). So check out tomorrow night to see a live photo blog from inside the touring crew.

10:32pm - Def Leppard song 4 - 'Let It Go'. Luca says Joe's voice not as good as last night but still good.

10:30pm - Looks very likely to be the same setlist again as in Belfast. Will they play 'Wasted' again?

10:27pm - Def Leppard song 2 - 'Action/Song 3 'Let's Get Rocked' - Rick had small issue with drum kit between songs.

10:19pm - Def Leppard on stage in Dublin - the first song is - 'Undefeated' again - mass Irish sing-a-long. (Obvious statistic) - the second ever playing.

10:11pm - AC/DC For Those About To Rock! keep refreshing.

10:08pm - Just to let you know I suggested to Luca he only update about the setlist every two or three songs.

10:04pm - We may have a source for a live blog from Donington on Friday :).

9:59pm - Joe's mikestand has appeared, Rick's kit being worked on.

9:58pm - Another pic from tonight, Alice Cooper and flag via Rob (click to view) - not long till Lep.

9:55pm - Luca says roadies doing their work and he is in position on Phil's side of the stage tonight.

9:43pm - Luca is going stage front, Alice has finished, Luca will be tweeting the setlist again. Italian fans rock (he's from Milan).

9:36pm - Alice Cooper playing 'School's Out' a couple more songs to go and then Lep - night two.

9:27pm - A live blog needs some - live music?.

9:21pm - Luca reports that Alice Cooper and band are playing a great show 'Poison' being played now (big UK hit).

9:14pm - Random Tour Facts - tonight will be only the fourth show ever on 8th June. The others? Russia 2008, El Paso 2005 and Seoul 1996 - now you know.

9:03pm - Luca reports that Alice Cooper has his pet snake onstage and around his neck.

8:55pm - Here's the poster/advert for tonight's show (pic now uploaded).


8:49pm - Luca reports that Alice changes his clothes after each song and how annoying it is.

8:39pm - Luca says Alice Cooper is now on stage, as you can see below (shot before he started). Lep up next and looks like we'll have some live pics tonight.

8:33pm - A pic from tonight, Alice Cooper via Rob (click to view).

8:29pm - For those of us not able to go here's what the stage looked like last night (more on Belfast show page).


8:18pm - Alice Cooper on in 15 minutes, not a lot of his fans in the arena tonight.

8:05pm - Thin Lizzy set has just ended and Luca has a good phone connection on O2 in 'The O2'.

7:57pm - Luca just bought a Rock Of Ages T-shirt from the merch stand.

7:51pm - Vivian Campbell mentioned on facebook the band had 'technical issues' in Belfast but it didn't affect them too much. They hope to have it sorted out for tonight.

7:45pm - Thin Lizzy playing 'The Boys Are Back In Town'. Luca checking out 'hot' girls near him.

7:34pm - Luca says the theatre setup of the arena makes for great sound.

7:23pm - Luca reports the crowd are more into Thin Lizzy than last night.

7:13pm - If you didn't already see this. Rick Allen pic from Belfast on facebook:
and a small video he did as the others played TSB - Here

7:06pm - Thin Lizzy starting again with 'Are You Ready'.

6:55pm - Luca inside the arena. Thin Lizzy start in 10 minutes

6:46pm - And Joe/Sav will be on Planet Rock with Nicky Horne tomorrow at 7pm UK time - News Here

6:42pm - News from today - Band to play at a Telethon in Australia and a stadium show added in Perth with Heart (according to local press of course, not me!...) - News Here

6:35pm - Luca running late in Dublin traffic - hopes to be there before Thin Lizzy hit the stage.

6:26pm - There are reviews/Pics and videos in from Belfast. A new better quality 'Undefeated' video and more added from the show. Gives you an idea of the cool new screens being used.

6:20pm - Luca has said he may not update as much and given he's travelled all the way from Italy to see these shows you can understand him not wanting to post every 5 seconds. You should probably check in here every 20-30mins or so. Will likely be the same setlist but we'll see. Hopefully some live pics tonight (I did cheekily hint at this to Luca) and I did pass on all the thank yous to him from last night.

6:19pm - Blog is now live. If you see any news/updates online about the show please contribute.

As with yesterday - new updates will appear above this, each with a new time. Refresh to keep seeing them.