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News - A Tribute To Def Leppard Guitarist Steve Clark

Saturday, 8th January 2011 | 

Def Leppard guitarist Steve Clark passed away 20 years ago today on 8th January 1991 at his London flat aged just 30. It has been a long time but Def Leppard fans have certainly not forgotten him and this site pays tribute to his memory.

Steve Clark 1960-1991.
Pic 1st Sep 1987 by Greg Freeman.

Below is the full statement made by Joe Elliott to UK news stations the day his death was announced. An old news article from Metal Hammer has been re-added to the site. Along with the tributes to Steve from other musicians including Ian Gillan of Deep Purple and Steve Harris of Iron Maiden which haven't been up for a while. Steve Harris was actually the last musician outside of Joe, Rick, Sav and Phil to play onstage with Steve on the second to last show of the Hysteria tour Steve's former girlfriend Lorelei has shared some of her private video footage of Steve via YouTube - watch below.

Joe Elliott Press Statement 1991

"Steve joined me, and bassist Rick Savage, to form Def Leppard in January 1978. He was a really quiet, shy, humble, nice, gentle sort of bloke. On stage he was the business, he was very visual and he was very energetic - a great person to be alongside.

Steve was a very creative person - he was the master of riffs; he wrote some of the best things we've ever done. We'll definitely miss his creative input. We were due to continue recording our new LP today, but obviously that isn't going to happen. But the band will carry on eventually. It was a pleasure to know him for thirteen years and I'll miss him like a brother."

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Def Leppard - Steve Clark