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News - Phil Collen BackstageAxxess Video Interview

Thursday, 27th January 2011 | 

Phil Collen was interviewed at NAMM by BackstageAxxess and spoke about the new live album and tour. This like other NAMM related interviews was done from 12-15th January 'before' the last interview on the 26th which features new tour news updates indicating it may not start in the US as Phil says below.

Phil is asked if Heart/Kansas will play with them and seems to indicate it's likely. Given the Kansas tour schedule (shows in Europe through June/July) it's more likely to be Heart from those two. Watch the 4 minute plus interview here and download the video via the link below.

Backstage Axxess - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

"A new album which I've actually gotta do some vocals for tonight actually. There's that, that comes out in May. It's a live album with some studio stuff and a live DVD. We did (have a title) and we changed it. It's gonna be kind of 'Live and something else' as well so we'll have to figure out what that's gonna be."

"Then we tour this summer starting in the States."

With Heart and Kansas?

"I heard that as well but that is not one hundred percent confirmed. Can't confirm but I think it is."

Can't confirm but 'wink wink'?

(Jokingly) - "For sure yeah."

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