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News - Joe Elliott Planet Rock Interview/Live Album News

Thursday, 6th January 2011 | 

Joe Elliott spoke to fellow Planet Rock presenter Nicky Horne on Wednesday night about the new Live album. Joe mentioned the band are currently finishing off the new studio songs with Rick Savage and Ronan McHugh at work in his studio as he was speaking. Joe indicated the album will be a 2CD release (with 'three to four' new songs). The live songs are mixed and are taken from around six shows played in 2009. The artwork is being done and they have a working title. Nicky also played 'England Rocks' and 'Pour Some Sugar On Me'.

Listen to the full ten minute interview below and using the listen again feature via the links.

Joe Elliott Quotes

"I had a very hot Christmas. I was in Arizona for six days with my in laws which is always novel!. Of course we get back for New Year and there's a little jet lag kicks in but yeah it was a good Christmas. It was a very frothy New Year, a few Down 'N' Outz beers got knocked back."

"Actually as I talk to you Ronan our engineer and Rick Savage the bass player are down in my studio banging out a brand new song as well. So there's gonna be three or four new songs tagged on the end of the live album."

"We can do a double CD and it would be 80 minutes each CD. So you're looking at almost three hours worth of music if you wanted to. So we won't be making any compromise on the actual live thing to get the new music on. It'll just be, like I said, three or four - it could even be five but I'm guessing three or four new songs."

"It won't be called 'Def Leppard Live' I'll tell you that much. We'll come up with some kind of fancy title for it. Yeah we're gonna be actively touring it for sure. We haven't got an specific dates yet but again we're working on them right now so announcements will be made and because of my special relationship with Planet Rock these days you'll be the first to know about them."

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