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News - Phil Collen Talks To The Vegetarian Star

Wednesday, 26th January 2011 | 

Phil Collen spoke to The Vegetarian Star recently about his vegetarianism and other health issues. He was also interviewed on the same topic by the LA Times.

Phil was speaking ahead of his appearance at the LA Fitness Expo this weekend.

The Vegetarian Star - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

"I am a vegetarian for ethical reasons. The idea of eating dead bodies made me feel ill. With a simple progression towards being healthier and healthier now I'm currently 'almost' total vegan (no eggs or milk) although I do dip into the chocolates on occasion."

"My wife is a vegetarian. Although she was on her way there, Helen became full-fledged vegetarian when we started going out. I have 3 children. Rory, who's 21 and lives with me and my wife, has never had meat in his life. Samantha who's 6 and lives with her mom has also never had meat. My youngest, Savannah, who's nearly 2 and lives with her mom is not on a vegetarian diet yet."

Read the full interview at -

Read the full interview at -

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