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News - Vivian Campbell Q107 Radio Interview

Thursday, 20th January 2011 | 

Vivian Campbell was interviewed at the recent Thin Lizzy show in Bristol and said a new studio album will be released in 2012. The three new studio songs on the live album may well also be on that album. The DVD will include live footage from the 2009 tour plus backstage stuff.

Listen to the interview via the radio link below.

Q107 - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

"Well the plans with Leppard are we're gonna tour. We have a live album coming out. I think it's gonna come out in April. It's the first time Def Leppard has ever done a live album. There's no such thing as a record industry any more so the product we're releasing will be not only a live album. It will also have I think some live versions of the classics from the last tour plus DVD footage of parts of the performance plus DVD from backstage - fly on the wall stuff. Plus I think two or three brand new songs."

"I was actually supposed to fly to Dublin tomorrow morning to go sing. Spend a day - we have a day off tomorrow and I was supposed to go to Joe's studio and sing on one of the new songs but I'm just getting over a cold thing so I had to cancel today so I'm gonna have to go next week or something on a day off. We're kind of against the wall to get this done - to get the new material done. Everything else is ready to go but we have to deliver product by mid-February so it's released in time."

"And we will be doing an American tour certainly starting in probably right around the time of the Slane festival thing or it's gonna be like within a few days. I don't know what our plans are beyond doing the North American tour. They - basically that has to be booked first and then they slot in everything else around it cause it is our main market. I'd be surprised if we do Europe this year with Def Leppard cause normally if we would do Europe we'd do it Spring or very early summer. I would say, I'd be pretty confident if we don't do it this year we'd certainly do it in 2012. Come back to the UK and Europe."

So is any of this new material yours?

"I did submit a song for it but unfortunately mine got in too late so mines not gonna make it. We are gonna have an album of new material which will be out in 2012. I believe the new songs that are gonna be on this years thing are just a little taste of what's coming for next year so I think they're also gonna be on the next album. Yeah we all do write so I just didn't get mine in there in time. That's kind of like me in school. I was very late with my homework."

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