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News - Phil Collen Guitar International Interview

Monday, 17th January 2011 | 

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed by Guitar International while at the NAMM show and spoke about the new Live album. Phil confirmed there will be three new studio tracks and the album will be released in mid-May. He also responds to a question about Vivian's recent comments over his role in the band.

Guitar International - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

There was a recent interview with Vivian Campbell where he said he isn't challenged guitar-wise in Def Leppard, and that you get all the good guitar parts. How do you respond to that statement?

Phil Collen - Because it's all my shit. Vivian joined a band that I helped create. He's coming into my house! It's not all the good parts, it's the Def Leppard sound that me and Steve created.

We got together with Mutt Lange, and there was already a sound in place. Also, we play all the hits live, which were written before Viv was in the band.

Are there hard feelings when he says something like that?

Phil Collen - No not at all. It's just the ways it falls. I can't help it that all my shit sounds great!

I understand that you're working on a new Def Leppard live CD with some studio tracks.

Phil Collen - Yeah, it's got three new studio tracks, we wanted five but we couldn't finish them in time.

When will the new record be out in stores?

Phil Collen - Mid-May

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