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News - Phil Collen MusicRadar Video Interview

Sunday, 16th January 2011 | 

Phil Collen was interviewed at NAMM by MusicRadar and talked about the new live album. Phil once again confirmed a May release and commented on his home recording for the new studio tracks. Watch the full HD video interview below.

MusicRadar - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

What is the current status of Def Leppard. What are you guys doing right now?

"We're actually finishing a record off. We've got a live album coming out in May. It's live stuff, studio stuff. So we're finishing the studio stuff. I'm actually recording stuff at home. Joe Elliott and Rick Savage are in Dublin. Actually they've probably stopped about now. I send them files and I do the guitars and vocals at home and just send it that way and it's working great. "

So this is gonna have three or four news tracks on it?


Solo Stuff?

"Yeah my other band Man Raze which is three people. Me, Paul Cook and Simon Laffy. We've got a song in a new movie called I, Superbiker which is a British documentary about superbikes."

"Me and my writing partner C.J. Vanston are gonna be starting a new record label Moodah Music. We've been writing like crazy and we've decided that we're gonna put the stuff out ourselves. And we've got loads of friends that are are great musicians."

Jamming with Mike Huckabee?

"He's cool and he's the loveliest guy in the world. Someone came up and said 'Mike Huckabee's over there and he wants you to come and jam with him'. And you go 'Yeah a politician. Do I really wanna go there?'. So I did. I went over there and he was delightful. He's really cool and he's actually doing this thing called Wanna Play which is a music foundation for getting instruments for schools that have had cuts and for people that can't afford stuff. So it's a really valid thing."

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