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News - Joe Elliott RushOnRock Interview

Sunday, 16th January 2011 | 

Joe Elliott has spoken about Vivian Campbell's recent comments over his roll in the band compared to that in Thin Lizzy.

Joe's comments are part of a forthcoming interview with RushonRock, the same website that Vivian spoke to earlier this month (see previous news link). The short article also includes a quote (by the website) which hints at a likely studio album in 2012 which may be expanded upon by Joe in the full interview.

RushOnRock - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

"For all these years Viv has been the Ronnie Wood of Leppard but on the Lizzy tour people are starting to realise just how good he is. "Def Leppard have always been about the sum of the parts rather than any individual. We've always been about the songs and as individuals we're overshadowed by that.

"Viv plays some great rhythm guitar, some cracking solos and he sings. Because he can do it all his quality as a guitarist is often overlooked. And it's the same with Phil.

"With Lizzy he has an opportunity to show his 'chops'. I think a lot of people will be going to the Lizzy shows this time around and thinking 'I'd forgotten how good he was in Dio' or realising they didn't know he was that good in the first place!

"I think playing with Lizzy is great for Viv and I know he's loving it. There was no better man for the job."

Elliott, meanwhile, is busily putting the finishing touches to Leppard's first live album due this summer - which will feature three new studio tracks as a taster for 2012's follow-up to Songs From The Sparkle Lounge.

Read the full interview at -

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