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News - Phil Collen Speaks At Local High School

Friday, 14th January 2011 | 

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen visited a local high school in Dana Point, California on Thursday 13th January. Phil was the guest speaker at the Success Club student event. He spoke about his personal experience of success to around 200 students. He was interviewed by the local newspaper after the event.

Phil is pictured below with the event organisers Aliza Braunstein and Allie Gersten.

Phil Collen 2011.
Pic by Dana Point Times.

Dana Point Times - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Why did you feel it was important for you to accept the invitation to speak to the student members of the Success Club at Dana Hills High School?

I was flattered to be asked. I used to know Aliza's dad in the '90s. The last time I saw her I think she was seven. When she first asked me to speak at the school I didn't realize it was her until later.

I'm really proud of her and would never turn down the opportunity to speak to kids about success and what they think it means. There are lots lessons to be learned.

What is your definition of success?

Really it's about the 'self'. People attach material objects to it but it really boils down to a very personal individual thing.

Monetary success is very different from personal success, ie, inner/spiritual happiness, fulfillment and the freedom of self expression.

What were some of your important milestones on your road to success?

"Actually not having to have a 'day job' to support my music habit was the first milestone. Then very local things attributed to it like headlining at the most famous club in my town in London, The Marquee, before I was in Def Leppard."

"Then it escalated to performing in famous venues around the world; then being rewarded by being able to buy my mother a house; taking care of my dad and even bringing him out on tour with me for an extended period of time (he really enjoyed that); and then, obviously, the success of the band (measured by sold out shows and platinum albums)."

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